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What is a Law Degree in Iceland?

Iceland has several law schools. In order to practice law in the country as a working lawyer, individuals must obtain a law degree and then sit for the Iceland Bar Association testing. The country's law degree is a Masters in Law (LLM). There are also several specializations, including the International and Comparative Law Masters Degree and the International and European Business Law degree. Students can further their education to obtain a PhD in Law as well.

Law Higher Education in Iceland

There are three classifications of attorneys in the country. This includes a traditional lawyer, a district court lawyer, and a Supreme Court attorney. Students who wish to practice law in Iceland must obtain his or her legal studies master's examination from a recognized legal facility in the country and otherwise meet any requirements set by the Act on Universities. There are other requirements as well.

There are several law schools and universities in Iceland. They provide four year bachelor programs followed by an additional two or three years of law studies, depending on if the student enrolls full time.

The cost of enrolling in law schools in Iceland for foreign students is significantly higher than it is for locals. However, these rates can vary significantly from one school to the next. After completing education in this area and sitting for the required bar exam, students can then begin working in any classification of attorney. Keep in mind the demand for these well-qualified professionals is moderately high, especially in more advanced areas of study.

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About Iceland

The country of Iceland isn't a large one in terms of population, with only 321,000 people calling it home. It does sit on an area of more than 40,000 square miles, but only a very small portion of the Nordic Island country is inhabited. Nevertheless, Iceland has a modern culture, a thriving economy most often, and a diverse culture. If you plan to study abroad in the country, you will find that this Nordic island country is one of the most unique.

As a free-market economy, low taxes, and a moderately peaceful lifestyle, the area is ideal for individuals looking for a diverse and culturally rich area to live. Studying to become an attorney here can be a very beneficial process.

What Is the Law System in Iceland?

Iceland has four administrative regions called "farthings". The court system is further broken down into local areas. There is also a judicial body that includes 36 judges and a higher level court systems. There are appeals courts throughout the area.

The law system in Iceland is very basic, and in some cases still has components of Medieval times. Nevertheless, as a modern culture, there are lawyers in the system that provide legal representation to those who are charged.