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What is the Law Degree in Malta?

The LLD is a doctorate of law awarded to students who complete the requirements for a law degree in Malta and is composed of three years of post-graduate studies. Before this, students must have completed at least three years of previous study in the area of law. Students are expected to complete a well-rounded course of study, including the core components of the law, as well as an original paper in which they address a specific area of interest of the law.

Law Studies in Malta

Malta offers an intense programs in the area of law that allows you to study both the core legal components that strengthen your general legal skills, while also allowing you to focus on your interest area. A typical academic year involves an intense rigorous course of study in all areas of the law, with the latter part of the degree being devoted to a specific interest area chosen by the student. Entry into Malta's law schools is determined by Matriculation entrance exam scores.

Tuition costs

Graduate studies, which include some upper level courses, require a fee but a stipend is available to these students if they qualify. Once again, the fees may vary from one school to the other.

International Student Welcome

International students are welcome to study in Malta, provided all of their visas and paperwork is in order. An initial visa is usually granted for a period of one year. After this, the student may apply for a permanent residence visa.

Research and Career Possibility

Upon completion of the law degree from the University of Malta, there are many research and career possibilities possible with a law degree from Malta. Once the degree is successfully completed, lawyers in Malta may serve in one of the following capacities: notaries, legal procurators, and advocates. These ranks differ in terms of their power in the court room, and are based primarily on their level of expertise and college studies. With determination and a successful completion of the law degree from Malta, there are many opportunities to work as a lawyer or advocate within the Republic of Malta, or to take your skills abroad to other countries.

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About Malta

Malta is a southern European country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located about 80 km south of Sicily, lies east of Tunisia, and about 330 km north of Libya. It is one of the smallest but most densely populated areas.

Maltese and English are the spoken official languages. Malta gained its independence from the UK in 1964 and became known as a Republic in 1974.

Malta is most known for its tourist climate of warm, comfortable temperatures, and numerous recreational spots and historic structures.

The Legal System in Malta

The legal system in Malta is based on Acts of Parliament, as well as Rules, Orders, and other rulings which have been brought into effect in various sessions. The Constitution of Malta outweighs all other aspects and documentation of law and is applicable to all situations. Courts in Malta are divided into Superior and Inferior Courts and are ruled upon by magistrates appointed by the government.