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Singapore University of Social Sciences

SUSS is a university with a rich heritage in inspiring lifelong education and transforming society through social sciences. We develop work-ready graduates and work-adaptive alumni to their fullest potential through our 3H’s education philosophy – ‘Head’ for professional competency with applied knowledge, ‘Heart’ for social awareness of the needs of society, and ‘Habit’ for passion towards lifelong learning.

We offer more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programmes, available in full- and part-time study modes which are flexible, modular, and inter-disciplinary, catering to both fresh school leavers and adult learners. SUSS also offers a broad range of continuing education and training modular courses for the professional skills upgrading of Singapore's workforce.

Why study at Singapore University of Social Sciences

The SUSS Difference

Inclusive Education

Proud to be Singapore’s first institute for lifelong learning, we champion inclusivity to bring education to all regardless of their age, qualification, experience, background – fresh school-leavers, working adults, or silver learners. Our broad admission criteria for our lifelong learners partaking in our diverse learning environment ensure that they are given equal opportunities to develop to their fullest potential throughout life.

Experiential & Applied Learning

Grounded in our core philosophy of ‘Head, Heart, Habit’ (3H), we continually develop well-rounded future talents who are professionally competent, socially conscious, and lifelong learners with a heart to impact lives. We build experiential and applied learning to enliven and enrich our student experience through a host of global learning programmes, internships, entrepreneurship and service learning projects as well as student-led expeditions to provide a holistic education that nurtures empathy, broadens contextual understanding and deepens perspectives.

Passion for Society

Beyond the individual, our social emphasis focuses on teaching and practising sciences in the service of society *. Our core curriculum, applicable to all our programmes, inculcates this core knowledge and understanding about emerging issues in the society in all our students and how they can play a role in their professional practice and community.

*This refers to the understanding and management of social impact, in relation to societal systems, people within those systems, and science and technology.


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