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SKEMA Business School: a distinctive positioning

SKEMA Business School is one of France’s largest Grande Ecoles with 9,500 students from more than 120 nationalities, 160 faculty, 50,000 alumni, and 7 campuses across the world (Brazil, China, France, South Africa, and the USA).

SKEMA was founded in 2009 as a result of the merger between the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Lille, and CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis. The Lille school was ​founded in 1892 and CERAM in 1963.

the school has a community devoted to learning and the creation and transmission of management knowledge and practice. Since its inception, SKEMA has become a global school with a multi-campus structure and a large portfolio of programs taught in English and in French. These range from undergraduate level to continuing education and are aligned with the Bologna higher education norms (Licence, Master, Doctorate).

International strategy

SKEMA aims to become the global business school on five continents. Its common international strategy is to train management leaders in the knowledge economy by developing:

  • A school with one identity on its different sites, with campuses set up in the heart of scientific hubs. The school’s culture fosters an international outlook, excellence, and innovation.
  • Multi-site education programs offering mobility, professional expertise, and interdisciplinary programs (technology-management).
  • Synergy with the school's local environments both in terms of research and in business partnerships. Cross-fertilization within science hubs (but also among these hubs) will give an overall view of innovation and the need for specific skills in the world’s different regions.
  • Systematic involvement of global companies with the school (governance, programs, incubators, research, students).
  • The school is managed according to the values of excellence, humanism, diversity, and innovation.
  • SKEMA contributes to the local environment and economic fabric wherever its campuses are located.


SKEMA is a global research and higher education institution that trains talents who are committed to transforming the world through a sustainable approach. The hybridization between the human and social sciences and data is at the heart of its model, and its modus operandi is global exposure.




Key Figures

  • Founded in 2009 following the merger of CERAM business school and ESC Lille.
  • Multi-accredited - Equis, AACSB, and EFMD Accredited EMBA. Its programs are recognized in France (Visa, Master Degree, RNCP, CGE label), as well as in the United States (licensing), Brazil (certificação), and China.
  • Faculty organized in 3 academies [globalization, innovation, digitalization], 1 sport and language institute [SKILS], and 1 Artificial Intelligence institute.
  • 5 research centers:
    • FAIRR (Finance and Accounting Insights on Risk and Regulation)
    • KTO (Knowledge, Technology and Organisation)
    • MINT (Marketing Interactions)
    • PRISM (PRoject Information and Supply Management)
    • RISE² (Reflections and Research In International Strategy Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Economics)
  • 7 global campuses in 5 countries [Brazil, China, France, South Africa, United States].
  • More than 70 programs [Global BBA, Master in Management, Masters of Science, Specialised Master® programs, Doctoral Programmes, Global Executive MBA, Executive Education programs, Summer Schools].
  • More than 40 alumni clubs across the world.
  • More than 70 student clubs.
  • More than 100 incubated projects at SKEMA Ventures.
  • More than 120 nationalities at SKEMA’s campuses.
  • More than 130 academic partnerships in more than 40 countries.
  • 400 professors, including 170 members in the academic Faculty.
  • 2,500 partner companies.
  • 9,000 students.
  • 48,000 alumni in 145 countries.

    Campus Features

    Campuses & offices worldwide

    Seven campuses

    SKEMA Business School's campuses are situated in technology parks and recognized business centers where vital synergies among companies develop innovation and create the techniques of the future.

    All the campuses share the same objective: to offer students multicultural exposure combining academic life with international professional experience.

    The school's multi-campus structure works to the advantage of companies as well as students. It allows the school to form strong links between international higher education and the economic environment. SKEMA Business School is a major player in contributing to the local communities and environments of its campus.

    • Brazil: Belo Horizonte campus
    • China: Suzhou campus
    • France: Lille campus, Paris campus, Sophia Antipolis campus
    • South Africa: Stellenbosch - Cape Town campus
    • United States: Raleigh campus

    2 offices

    • Canada: Montreal
    • India: Mumbai

      Scholarships and Funding

      Early bird discount of 4,000€ on the tuition fees for any registration before March 31st, 2024.

      Scolarships are available. For more information, please read here:

      Alumni Statistics


      A highly ranked institution

      QS Rankings

      SKEMA Business School is now in the world's top 25 and France's top six for four of its programs.

      • Out of the 155 schools ranked, SKEMA is placed 21st in the world and 6th in France for its Grande Ecole program (MiM).
      • Out of the 179 schools that participated, SKEMA ranks 25th worldwide and 6th in France for the MSc Financial Markets & Investments.
      • In addition, the school has consolidated the position of its two other programs: the - MSc International Marketing & Business Development again ranks 11th worldwide and 6th in France this year among 105 schools.
      • Ranking 1st in its category among French schools, the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management & Purchasing has been placed 12th worldwide among the 62 schools selected by QS.

      SKEMA is also present in the "Business Analytics" category with its MSc Business Consulting & Digital Transformation program, which ranks 38th out of 120. This performance is particularly significant as SKEMA has been in the Top 6 since 2019 and is now closing in on French business schools that have been in the Top 5 for many years.

      Financial Times Rankings

      Ranked 43rd best Executive Education (FT 2020) -

      Ranked 6th among French schools, 22nd in the world, and in the Top 10 overall for the international experience offered to its students for its Masters in Management.

      Forbes 2021

      Ranked among the 12 best Executive MBA

      Master in Management / Grande Ecole program

      • The Financial Times 2019: 12th worldwide (and 4th among the French schools represented)
      • Times Higher Education & The Wall Street Journal 2019: 17th worldwide (and 3rd among the French schools represented)
      • L'Etudiant 2021: 5th
      • Challenges 2019: 6th
      • Le Figaro 2021: 6th
      • Le Parisien 2021: 5th
      • MOCI magazine 2020: 1st
      • Le Point 2020: 7th
      • QS 2021: 23rd worldwide (and 6th among the French schools represented)

      Global BBA

      • Challenges 2020: 4th
      • MOCI magazine 2020: 2nd
      • Le Point 2020: 4th
      • L’Etudiant 2021: 2nd

      Masters of science

      • MSc Financial Markets and Investments
        • The Financial Times 2021: 3rd worldwide ("pre-experience masters")
        • Times Higher Education & The Wall Street Journal 2019: 11th worldwide (and 1st among the four French schools represented)
      • MSc International Business
        • The Economist 2019: 3rd worldwide
        • MOCI magazine 2020: 1st
      • MSc Global Luxury and Management
        • MOCI magazine 2020: 2nd
      • MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation
        • Forbes 2020: ranked among the 10 best entrepreneurial programs
        • MOCI magazine 2020: 3rd
      • MSc Corporate Financial Management
        • MOCI magazine 2020: 4th
      • MSc International Marketing & Business Development
        • MOCI magazine 2020: 1st
        • QS 2021: 11th worldwide (and 5th among the French schools represented)
      • MSc Business Consulting & Digital Transformation
        • QS 2021: 35th worldwide (and 5th among the French schools represented)
      • MSc Supply Chain Management & Purchasing
        • QS 2021: 12th worldwide (and 1st among the French schools represented)

      Executive Education

      • The Financial Times 2020: 43rd
      • Forbes 2021: ranked among the 12 best Executive MBA

      European business school ranking

      • The Financial Times 2019: 49th


      EFMD Equis AccreditedAACSB Accredited

      Program Admission Requirements

      Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

      Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.


      • Valbonne

        Rue Fedor Dostoïevski,60, 06902, Valbonne

        • Belo Horizonte

          Rua Bernardo Guimarães,3071, 30140-083, Belo Horizonte

          • Raleigh

            Main Campus Drive,920, 27606, Raleigh

            • Suzhou

              仁爱路,99号, 215123, Suzhou

              • Cape Town

                Cape Town, South Africa

                • Paris

                  5, quai Marcel Dassault, CS 90067, Paris

                  • Lille

                    Avenue Willy Brandt, 59777, Lille

                    • Nice

                      60 Rue Fedor Dostoïevski, 06902, Nice


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