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Suffolk University Law School

Suffolk University Law School

Suffolk University Law School


For more than 100 years, Suffolk Law has produced some of the nation’s most distinguished legal professionals. With an emphasis on real-world practice and experiential learning, Suffolk Law is an unmatched place to start, build, and launch a successful career and life in the law.

As one of the largest law schools in the United States, Suffolk Law has an expansive curriculum that combines a strong academic foundation with expertise in an array of specialty areas. Your education includes hands-on learning programs, nationally known faculty and actual law practitioners who bridge theory with practice to prepare students for working in the 21st century.

Mission & Goals

Suffolk University Law School, located in Boston, is dedicated to welcoming students from all backgrounds and circumstances and educating them to become highly skilled and ethical lawyers who are well-prepared to serve in their local communities, across the nation, and around the world. Because the lawyer's role has evolved and expanded since Suffolk's founding in 1906, the Law School seeks to develop in its students the skills necessary to serve the profession's changing needs in an increasingly diverse, global and technologically-dependent society. As one of the nation's largest law schools, Suffolk meets that challenge by providing students with a core foundation in legal education, a breadth of courses and programs, and excellent training by a diverse and accessible faculty engaged in scholarship and service to their profession and communities. Suffolk's goal is to provide its students with access to an excellent legal education, inspire a commitment to justice, and provide its graduates the opportunity to achieve their career aspirations.