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The Ostelea - School of Tourism and Hospitality International

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Ostelea is an international university center, belonging to the Training division of Grupo Planeta, specializing in training professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors with a passion for good service and a multicultural vision. The College’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable social, economic, and cultural development of the industry by training executives, professionals and technicians in the sector. Its commitment to innovation and the development of bonds between companies enable Ostelea to bring new solutions to the market. Grupo Planeta’s training division, Planeta Formación y Universidades, manages large projects in both the university sector (EAE Business School, OBS, VIU (Universidad Internacional de Valencia), UNIBA, ESdesign) and the sphere of Professional Training (CEAC, IFP, Deusto Formación and Deusto Salud). It was decided to apply all of the know-how accumulated by the division to the creation of a University College of Tourism Hospitality, Ostelea. In certain programs run at the Barcelona campus, students that successfully complete the course of tuition obtain a triple qualification from Ostelea, EAE Business School, Spain’s second-leading business school, and the Universitat de Lleida. At the Madrid campus, Ostelea’s academic partner is the Universidad Juan Carlos I.


  • Ostelea - Tourism Management School C/ Mallorca, 27 · Barcelona, 08029, Barcelona