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University of Johannesburg LLM in Cyber Law
University of Johannesburg

LLM in Cyber Law

Johannesburg, South Africa

12 Months


Full time

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ZAR 40,802 / per year *


* fees for the complete programme amount to between R40802,00 and R101910,00. Fees may vary depending on the composition of a particular qualification


The Faculty of Law at the University of Johannesburg is offering an LLM or Master’s Program in Cyber Law.

This LLM program is a sui generis program that discusses related aspects of Cyber Law. These Cyber Law aspects encapsulate the intersection that exists between law and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It also aims to provide students with in-depth legal and technical knowledge and skills of establishing and implementing responsive programs, policy, and legal frameworks relating to the ever-expanding area of Cyber Law. In a more elongated manner, the Master’s program in Cyber Law elucidates both the benefits and challenges that Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) offer to society. Therefore, it introduces students to the important aspects of the law that deals with the manner of embracing the benefits of ICTs and regulating or controlling the challenges emanating from these ICTs.

In doing so, industry experts in the field of Cyber Law are invited to provide practical insight into the law and its relevance to 4IR.

Consequently, the program details, in an elementary and expert manner, both the benefits and shortcomings of the law in dealing with the developments emerging consequently to 4IR. It furthermore sets out legally workable frameworks that address these benefits and limitations in a digital era.



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