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University of Law SQE SQE1 Preparation Course - Part-time evening
University of Law SQE

SQE1 Preparation Course - Part-time evening

27 Weeks


Part time

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Jan 2025

GBP 4,200 *


* January 2024 onwards: From £4,200


This course is for those who wish to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales using the SQE pathway to qualification. It is designed for law graduates or those who’ve completed a law conversion course, including our SQE Law Essentials. The course will prepare you for the SRA’s centralised SQE1 assessments, which will test functioning legal knowledge (FLK). It is part of our new suite of SQE courses.

Course Structure

Pre-course study

Students will be required to complete a pre-study online diagnostic test to check their understanding of the key foundational law subjects. This should be completed within 24 hours of the start date.

This Academic Legal Knowledge Quiz is made up of 7 subjects which represent the Black Letter Law subjects.

We use diagnostic testing to assess each student’s knowledge in these subjects for SQE1. Based on your results, we may recommend extra revision aids or a law conversion course.


This course has two modules. Ethics and Professional Conduct is taught across both FLK 1 and FLK 2.

The appropriate level of academic law knowledge is likely, though not required, to have come from a previous course of academic study. Academic law subjects will not be directly taught in the SQE1 Preparation Course, but students will have opportunities and materials to enable them to revise academic law content throughout. Students whose academic law knowledge may not be sufficient or sufficiently recent to undertake the SQE1 Preparation Course may wish first to undertake our SQE Law Essentials course, which provides a solid academic law foundation and a firm basis for progression.

Functioning Legal Knowledge 1 (FLK1)

  • Professional Practice
    • Business Law and Practice
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Legal Services
  • Academic Law
    • Contract
    • Tort
    • Legal System of England and Wales
    • Constitutional and Administrative Law and EU Law

Functioning Legal Knowledge 2 (FLK2)

  • Professional Practice
    • Property Practice
    • Wills and the Administration of Estates
    • Solicitors Accounts
    • Criminal Practice
  • Academic Law
    • Land Law
    • Trusts
    • Criminal Law

There are four to five units per week throughout the course (two units per week on the part-time course). Each unit follows our unique dynamic learning model: Prepare, Engage, Consolidate (PEC).

Prepare. You will spend approximately six hours per unit preparing, using the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE) where all resources will be accessible. The Prepare stage includes a rich mixture of learning activities, including study manuals, multi-media, preparatory tasks, and quizzes.

Engage. The Engage stage involves between four and five two-hour classroom-based and tutor facilitated face to face workshops where you will be asked to apply the knowledge you have acquired in the Prepare stage.

Consolidate. You will complete the Consolidate stage using our VLE. This stage involves a mixture of short consolidation learning activities and weekly revision tests on practice and law subjects using our intelligent revision app.

There will be regular mock assessments throughout the course, along with opportunities to review your progress and ask questions of your subject expert tutors in group review sessions.


There are no formal ULaw exams. There are mock SQE1 assessments throughout the course, to track your progress and help you prepare for the requirements of the real assessments.

This course does not lead to an academic award. However, students who successfully pass the SQE1 assessments will accumulate 60 credits, which can be applied towards an award under the University’s Recognition of External Assessments Policy.

You will sit your SQE assessments at Pearson VUE test centres in the UK and internationally. For details on how to book, pay and receive your results for your SQE assessments, as well as request any reasonable adjustments, please visit the SRA website.

  • There are two multiple-choice assessments over two days – one for FLK1 and one for FLK2.
    • FLK1 covers: Business Law and Practice; Dispute Resolution; Contract; Tort; Legal System of England and Wales; Constitutional and Administrative Law; and Legal Services
    • FLK2 covers: Property Practice; Wills and the Administration of Estates; Solicitors Accounts; Land Law; Trusts; Criminal Law; and Criminal Practice
  • On each day the assessment is likely to take five hours, with a break in the middle.
  • Each assessment contains 180 single best answer questions.

Course Requirements

None required. However, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires a degree (or equivalent) to qualify as a solicitor.

Course Details

This course will prepare you for the SRA’s centralised SQE1 assessments. The SQE1 assessments will test functioning legal knowledge (FLK) through two multiple-choice assessments, each comprising 180 single best answer questions.

The course will also help you prepare for Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) as a trainee solicitor, by helping you to develop functioning legal knowledge for practice.

Why choose the SQE1 Preparation Course?

  • Adaptive and personalised learner journey, using our dynamic learning model: Prepare, Engage, Consolidate (PEC), covering all professional practice subjects and revision of all law subjects in the SRA’s assessment specification.
  • Confidence for the assessments, with the opportunity to practise daily for the exact type of questions you’ll face. Our intelligent revision app, ULawSQE, will give you practice tests using multiple-choice questions, which prepare you for the SQE1 exams, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. It will focus on the topics you need to improve, giving you the best preparation for success in the assessments.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in preparing students for the type of questions in the SQE1 assessments.
  • In-depth tutor guidance and support from our experienced tutors, who are all practitioners. Your tutor will monitor your progress and give you weekly individual feedback using predictive analytics, so you’ll know where to focus.
  • Brand new resources, developed specifically for SQE by our expert tutors. You’ll be provided with all course materials, including an extensive bank of practice exam questions, ULaw SQE – our intelligent revision app provides practice tests and feedback, and 15 brand new online study manuals, written specifically for SQE1.
  • Experience of working in practice. You’ll learn in the context of our virtual law firm, ULaw LLP. ULaw LLP replicates the working environment of a law firm and students perform real-world tasks on simulated cases, deals and transactions as if they were in the office.
  • Support for your career. You’ll have access to ULaw’s award-winning Employability Service, for information, advice, practical experience and links to the profession to help you to succeed in your career. Available at all campuses, the Employability Team will help you achieve your career and work experience goals.
  • We also work with over 90 of the top 100 law firms.

Introductory offer

When you book this course, you’ll get our SQE1 Exam Preparation Course for free. This short, intensive revision course will ensure you’re confident and fully prepared for the SQE1 assessments.

Following this course, we recommend:

  • SQE1 Exam Preparation Course. Introductory offer: when you book the SQE1 Preparation Course, you’ll get the SQE1 Exam Preparation Course for free.
  • SQE2 Preparation Course - This course is designed for those who’ve completed SQE1 training, such as our SQE1 Preparation Course.
  • SQE2 Exam Preparation Course. Introductory offer: when you book the SQE2 Preparation Course, you’ll get the SQE2 Exam Preparation Course for free.

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