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The creation of the University of Pécs was first initiated by King Louis the Great in 1367. Today, the University of Pécs is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, where there are ten faculties that cover the full spectrum of higher education to provide high-quality, comprehensive training. In addition to the education and research activities, medical treatment is a crucial activity of ours; the Clinical Centre takes care of not only the region’s outpatients and in-patients but also has national-level duties in many areas.

Each year, the University of Pécs participates in the ranking of international higher education institutions and is doing well. We strive to further improve our perception in all areas.

We have and will put great emphasis on the quality of education, as well-prepared students mean the best publicity for us. In this spirit, the continuous development of human resources and infrastructure conditions is our top priority. We make efforts to provide our students with a wide variety of knowledge. Therefore, we offer support for a significant proportion of our students to participate in a variety of internship and exchange programs in recognized institutions in Europe and other developed countries. So that we can increase the level of education, we use state-of-the-art technology and invite the finest professors. We have taken our motto from Luis Pasteur: "chance favours the prepared mind". It is most pleasing that the number of students has stabilized over the last decade, whereas the number of foreign students has grown significantly. Not only is the University of Pécs a prestigious institution, but it is also student-friendly. We would like our students to study for achievement and have a good time as well.

The University of Pécs conducts internationally recognized research work. We do our best to make our university an optimal choice for a workplace for our talented researchers, not just a starting point. We encourage our esteemed colleagues with internal grant schemes for an even better performance. In the research center named after János Szentágothai, there are cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and tools at our researchers’ and students’ disposal. The main research profile of our University is basic scientific research; however, via applied research, we continuously develop our industrial relationships, too.

Within the framework of the Modern Cities Programme, spectacular modernization was taking place at our university. In this context, not only are there construction of new buildings and renovation of existing ones, but these activities were parallel with human resources training. The Modern Cities Programme was created in cooperation with the city of Pécs.

Pécs is an attractive, friendly little town and human in scale; not only does it host, but also serves as a home for our university citizens. The University is the city’s dominant institution; besides the students, almost all inhabitants of Pécs feel connected to it. The presence of a large number of international students from all over the world and the Mediterranean atmosphere make Pécs a pleasant, busy university town with so much life. The University of Pécs, however, is not restricted to the county seat of Baranya; there is an independent faculty in the town of Szekszárd, and there is a network of training centers all over the Transdanubian region beyond the borders even.

If you wish to study in a multicultural environment, for reasonable tuition fees, and experience high-quality education at the oldest University of Hungary, do not hesitate to contact us.


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