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In 1790, James Wilson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, framer of the Constitution, and member of the first U.S. Supreme Court, delivered the University of Pennsylvania's first lectures in law to President George Washington, all the members of his Cabinet. Following this auspicious beginning, Penn began offering a full-time program in law in 1850, under George Sharswood, an innovator in legal education. Since that time, Penn Law has been at the forefront of legal education in our country.

Penn's academics are boosted by its inherent culture and ecosystem of innovation. You name it, if it's cutting-edge, the University's faculty and students have their hands in it. Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and enriched by four undergraduate and 12 graduate schools' integrated resources, Penn offers students an unparalleled education informed by inclusivity, intellectual rigor, research, and the impetus to create new knowledge for the benefit of individuals and communities around the world.


  • Sansom Street,3501, 19104, Philadelphia