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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 19 Bachelors of Laws  (LLB) Programs in Administrative Law Studies 2023

19 LLB Programs in Administrative Law Studies 2023


An LLB degree is a law degree offered in many common law jurisdictions. With respect to the overall law degree program, it is an undergraduate course, but it acts as an advanced degree in that admission to an LLB program usually requires a level of college education.

What is an LLB in Administrative Law Studies? It focuses on administrative law and its evolution. Students may be expected to critically analyze a range of issues in administrative law. They might compare legal systems of other countries to further evaluate issues with the current system. Students could also study the process and procedural aspects of judicial review. Individuals might take courses in torts, contracts, public international law, family law jurisprudence and administrative law.

Law students usually develop a wide range of skillsets, including research skills, persuasive communication skills and analytical skills. These are transferable to an array of careers. Students may find their persuasiveness bodes well with potential employers.

An LLB in Administrative Law Studies can be earned at a variety of universities worldwide. The cost of attendance can vary depending on the program and the location of the school. An institute’s office of admittance can offer more detailed information about tuition rates.

An LLB in Administrative Law Studies usually prepares students to obtain a Master of Laws degree or to pursue a training course for the Bar Exam. It can act as a gateway to a career as a solicitor or barrister. There may be other paths available to graduates, including detective, paralegal, advice worker, data analyst or patent attorney. Students may also be qualified for a range of jobs in the public sector.

Many schools around the world offer an LLB in Administrative Law Studies. Programs in the United Kingdom are particularly prevalent. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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