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2 LLB Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies 2024



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LLB Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies

An LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, is an undergraduate program often taken by students who wish to pursue a career in the legal profession. The program is typically three to four years in length and often introduces a student to the main concepts, theories and history of law.

What is an LLB in Civil Law Studies? This program seeks to prepare students for a career in the legal profession by introducing them to law-related issues through instruction, study, research, lectures and seminars. The main areas of study may include contracts, wills, accidents and properties that result in disputes between and among people and other entities. The coursework is often designed to give the graduate confidence in a legal career, but it can also set up a strong base to explore other fields and areas of study.

Learners who pursue this degree program often develop strong organization skills that help them on the job and in personal endeavors. They may gain expertise on adjudicating disputes between parties, as well as have the ability to write contracts and wills, which can result in expanded career options.

The costs of this program will depend upon many factors, including tuition fees, lodging, duration of program, and books and materials. Contacting the school is the best way to understand final expenses for each program.

Students who graduate with an LLB often go on to pursue further studies in the legal field. They can typically look for work as a paralegal, government clerk, researcher or records technician. This program can open the door to a career as a lawyer, judge, patient advocate, legal consultant, law lecturer and legal researcher. Graduates often find work with law firms, government agencies, corporations, banks and other financial institutions.

The LLB in Civil Law Studies is offered in many universities throughout the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.