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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 4 Bachelors of Laws  (LLB) Programs in Criminal Justice 2024

4 LLB Programs in Criminal Justice 2024


An LLB in Criminal Law can provide individuals an opportunity to advance their degrees with a focus on a specific area of law. This creates a specialization for the student, making him or her a better candidate for some positions.

What Is Criminal Law?

Criminal Law is an area of the law that focuses on policing and offenders. It is an area of law that includes criminology and the applications of law within a courtroom setting.

What Are the Benefits of Taking an LLB in Criminal Law?

Students working to earn an LLB in Criminal Law will work in a specialized area of law. These students will be better candidates for careers such as defense attorneys and working within courtrooms than those who have a basic law degree. Additionally, they learn work-based application, rather than broad legal concepts, making them "ready to work" in the field.

How Much Does It Cost to Take an LLB in Criminal Law?

The cost of this type of education varies significantly. Most schools set tuition costs based on numerous factors, but options for affordable education are available, especially with online programs.

What Are the Requirements for an LLB in Criminal Law?

To obtain an LLB in Criminal Law, students generally need to have completed their bachelor's degree or the equivalent in this field. Additionally, they will need to apply to a law school offering the program and meet all requirements concerning education, grade point average, and previous studies.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with an LLB in Criminal Law?

After graduating, students with this degree can expect to work in field such as criminal defense, courtrooms, and work in prosecutor positions over time with experience.

LLB in Criminal Law Online

Obtaining this degree online is an option. This can afford the student the ability to secure his or her education while working in the field or working on a limited schedule.

How to enroll in an LLB in Criminal Law?

Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form

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