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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 8 Bachelors of Laws  (LLB) Programs in Criminology 2024

8 LLB Programs in Criminology 2024


For those pursuing a career in law, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) allows most graduates to practice law depending on the country. Academic coursework lays the foundation for understanding law and provides needed skills for the practice of law.

What is an LLB in Criminology? Courses focus on law with a real-world application. Students will learn key foundations of law and criminology as well as ethics, legal concepts and legal systems. Coursework also teaches scholars psychology, human rights and sociology to prepare them for life working with the criminal mindset. Some programs offer the ability to study abroad. Programs take as little as three years and as long as six years to complete.

Honing analytical and critical-thinking skills are necessary components of the degree, but also can aid students outside of the workforce in their interpersonal relationships and general life decisions. A deep understanding of the law helps program participants to grasp the general political landscape and provide a general understanding of others.

Students should spend time researching the costs of both attending their chosen LLB program and additional items, including room and board. The cost will vary depending on the institution and location.

Graduates with an LLB in Criminology have gone on to become criminal lawyers, but many have also pursued careers working with law enforcement to catch criminals and solve cases. Some potential jobs include becoming a criminologist, parole or probation officer, police detective and forensic science technician. Graduates have even chosen to pursue their careers abroad, enjoying all that the international community has to offer. Most employment opportunities offer graduates the chance to keep communities safe and help others.

Students have a choice between on-campus instruction or the flexibility of an online classroom to complete their studies. Start your next steps with a search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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