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1 LLB Programs in Economic Law Studies 2024


For students with a strong interest in pursuing a career in law, the LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, provides a strong introduction to pre-law studies. The program can run from three to five years in duration and can emphasize a variety of law-related subjects.

What is an LLB in Economic Law Studies? The goal of this program is often to give the learner a strong foundation in the areas of law and economics. The program often seeks to equip the student with a better understanding of legal issues through coursework, lectures and seminars taught by professors with advanced degrees. Debate and critical thinking skills are often stressed to foster independence in the student. Economic fundamentals relating to global and personal matters may be a key component of the program.

Scholars who take this program often develop advanced communication skills, which can help in personal and career situations. They typically graduate with a deep understanding of economic principles and legal issues, which can help them advance to higher positions in their careers.

The costs of this degree program can depend upon such factors as the location, the university and the duration of the program. Interested students should research and contact each school to get a better understanding of what program is best suited for them.

Students who graduate with a degree in economic law studies may be well-positioned for careers in either the legal or economic professions. Law firms, corporations, universities and government agencies are fertile ground for employment for these individuals. Positions as a paralegal, secretary, office manager or legal advocate may be available in the law field, while employment as bank managers, financial consultants, instructors and investment brokers are options in the economics arena.

An LLB in Economic Law Studies is offered in a range of countries around the world, with both in-class and online modules available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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