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4 LLB Programs in Malaysia for 2024



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LLB Programs in Malaysia

Thinking of studying law in Malaysia? With its long legal history and range of university programs, it's an appealing choice for those wanting to break into the legal profession.

What is an LLB?

An LLB is an undergraduate degree given to students in countries with a British-style education system. This three to four-year program provides learners with a comprehensive knowledge of the law and legal systems, making it a great foundation for anyone looking to become a lawyer or break into fields such as business, finance, and politics.

Why get an LLB in Malaysia?

Malaysia makes for an ideal place to study law. Its complex legal system combines common law from the British colonial period with national laws, providing a unique and stimulating learning experience. And you'll also get to dive into Malaysia's culture and traditions, expanding your worldview and unlocking new possibilities.

Malaysia is fast becoming a popular destination for international students - and it's easy to see why. Low cost of living and high-quality education makes it a great choice if you're looking to study abroad

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