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An LLB, or Legum Baccalaureus, which in Latin means Bachelor of Laws, gives graduates the ability to work in different specialized areas of the legal arena. This degree can lead to a choice of diverse career opportunities.

What is an LLB in Pre-Law? A pre-law degree teaches students a wide breadth of subjects in order to develop intellectual abilities that will prepare them for future degrees in law. The degree scheme often includes courses in logic, communication, ethics, and multiculturalism. Some programs allow for specialization in a particular area of focus, allowing the student to direct his or her course of study. Pre-law degrees can prepare students for a variety of professions.

An LLB in Pre-Law gives students the tools to think critically and analytically. It also builds excellent communication skills. In addition, it provides students with strong research and writing skills that can be applied to many careers and life in general.

Because all schools are different based on location and offerings, there is no typical price range for the degree program. The LLB is usually obtained after four years of full-time study.

Most pre-law LLB graduates go on to law school and become lawyers. Others become paralegals or legal assistants before they choose to attend law school, and some remain paralegals for the rest of their careers. There are many other careers available to pre-law graduates, such as enforcing the law as police officers or corporate compliance officers. Knowledge of the law is helpful to human resources representatives and legislative assistants. Some pre-law students build careers as law librarians in the service of lawyers and law students.

An LLB in Pre-Law is a rewarding and fruitful degree. There is a wide variety of excellent universities that offer this program, including online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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