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160 LLB Programs 2023


In most countries that offer the degree, a Bachelor of Laws, or an LLB, is a first professional law degree and is usually completed as an undergraduate course of study.  The LLB originated in England, where the abbreviation LL.B referred to the Latin Legum Baccalaureus with the genitive plural indicating the study of both canon and civil law.  In most common law countries, LLBs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter into a legal career.

The LLB is the most common undergraduate law degree in the UK, where university students can enroll in programs directly after completing their secondary education.  In the US, the LLB was replaced by the Juris Doctor (JD) in the 1970s. While other countries also are moving away from the LLB degree in favor of the JD, the degree is still applied in many common law countries. Some countries, like Canada, offer both LLBs and JDs and graduates with LLBs obtain a license and complete a year of articling before being able to practice law. The length of study to complete an LLB ranges from three to six years.  In countries like Australia and New Zealand, LLB studies are generally longer (four to five years) and combined with another degree. In some instances, LLBs are considered a second-level degree with LLB students having completed a previous undergraduate degree or qualification in another field of study.

If you are considering an LLB in order to enter the legal profession, it is important to determine the level of qualification you wish to obtain in relation to the country where you intend to practice law.  Some LLBs are offered online and can be transferred or converted to equivalent law degrees in your country.  Others will require additional courses of study, examinations or certification before you are qualified to practice law.

Explore the list below and find LLB programs around the world.  You can read more about each program by clicking on ‘Read More.’  The form on each page allows you to contact the program’s admissions officials directly.

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