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11 LLB Programs in USA for 2024



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LLB Programs in USA

LLB degrees, or Bachelor of Laws, are gaining momentum among college students in the US. This undergraduate law degree equips students with the base knowledge they need to start their law journey. Many universities offer this degree, and it gives comprehensive education in legal studies.

LLB Curriculum

The LLB degree usually requires four years of study and covers various legal topics, from civil and criminal law to constitutional law, research, and writing. It also examines ethical issues related to practicing law and teaches students how to apply legal principles in the real world.

How to get an LLB in the USA

There are plenty of choices if you're interested in an LLB degree in the USA. Universities offer traditional classroom-based courses and online options for more flexible learning. Some even offer specialized LLB tracks, including international law and criminal justice.

No matter which type of program you choose, an LLB degree can provide you with the skills necessary to begin your legal career. You can start by browsing the LLB in USA programs below or contact one of our experts to learn more.