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LLM Programs in Law Studies Business Law Studies

Boasting international appeal, an LLM is a postgraduate certification available for students interested in areas of law. Depending on enrollment status, most students graduate within one to two years of study.

What is an LLM in Business Law Studies? Covering a wide area of different business practices and their legal implications, business law studies may include several different subsets of legal areas such as commercial, employment, technology, media or patent law. Many programs are designed for international use and prepare students with coursework in global transactions, corporate governance, and border-crossing mergers and acquisitions. Some degree plans may involve general studies related to both international and national business law while others follow a narrower track and focus on specific industries, such as information technology, banking or intellectual property. Although not typical, students may be required to complete a thesis upon culmination of their studies.

Given the international nature of business legal studies, students can develop many skills decisive for both professional and personal growth. Typical skills gained include strategic thinking, risk-assessment abilities and negotiation expertise.

Fees fluctuate considerably between different programs and countries and should be considered on an individual basis for your LLM of Business Law Studies. Many schools offer a sample budget for prospective students to gauge their anticipated attendance costs.

Business law studies encompass an extensive arena of different specialties, enabling a graduate to pursue opportunities in multiple industries. Typically seen on the global stage, students can occupy positions such as corporate counsel, law firm managers, corporate legal supervisors and compliance directors. Although local regulations may require additional credentials, students can also go on to practice as business lawyers in public offices, where they can act as trial lawyers, or within consultancy firms, where they’re often tasked with handling sensitive transactions for prestigious clients.

Online or on campus, there’s an LLM in Business Law Studies to fit your unique lifestyle, and several degree programs can be completed from the comfort of your desktop. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.