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22 LLM Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies

Less well known than other graduate degrees, a Master of Laws, or LLM, is an advanced certificate in legal studies. LLM programs are usually available to students with a standing legal degree and often accept international candidates.

What is an LLM in Civil Law Studies? Typically divided between public and private law, civil law studies include any area of law related to interactions between citizens of the same country. Although some programs may allow students to pursue electives in both public and private law or complete dual enrollment, most degree plans are geared towards training students in one path over the other. However, those paths may provide several opportunities for specialization. In public law oriented programs, specialties that may be available include criminal law, human rights law or administrative law. Conversely, private law specialization areas may include contract, family or property law.

Civil law, although greatly encompassing, primarily deals with litigation between individuals, so it follows that most graduates display superior communication, organization and mediation skills. While these skills can be instrumental in career promotion, they’re also highly beneficial for students’ personal lives and relationships.

An LLM in Civil Law Studies can be obtained from universities across the globe and every program will structure its fees differently. Typical factors that can impact the cost of college may include university country, student enrollment status and whether classes are taken on campus or online.

Vocational opportunities are largely contingent on the student’s specialization area and previous credentials, such as other professional law degrees. Both areas of specialization can open the door for jobs as paralegals, legal assistants and court clerks. Students who pursue public law can go on to serve as public defenders, communication strategists and criminal lawyers, while those who focus on private law can see doors open for occupations such as estate planners, trust managers, contract managers and corporate counsel.

Most LLM programs can be completed part-time and online, enabling you to pursue your LLM in Civil Law Studies without putting your life on hold. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.