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16 LLM Programs in Law Studies Criminal Law Studies 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Criminal Law Studies

Graduate programs that offer a Master of Laws degree, or LLM, typically take between one to two years of study. Degree requirements vary between institutions but may entail substantial research or thesis work.

What is an LLM in Criminal Law Studies? Including both criminal law and criminal justice, scholars in criminal law studies are usually interested in the interactions between individuals and penal systems. Although criminal law and criminal justice are closely related fields, degrees in each tend to focus on distinctly different ethics, practices and processes in the justice system. While students in criminal law usually study the legal texts and processes of criminal law, scholars of criminal justice are often more concerned with the evolving social and political aspects of administering criminal law. Additionally, although most programs focus on the legal system of the university’s location, opportunities to study international criminal law or criminal justice are available as well.

Analytical writing, legal research and time management are some of the most standout skills found in criminal law study graduates. In addition to providing paths to legal careers, these skills can help improve a student’s everyday communications and activities.

The price of your degree can be impacted by a multitude of complex factors, such as degree duration and individual programs. The financial or bursar offices of your prospective schools can usually provide the most accurate budget estimations for attendance.

Legal positions can be highly competitive, but graduates holding both a professional law degree and credentials in criminal law studies may be able to gain a critical edge on the competition. Mediators, law enforcement agents, court administrators, legal writers and paralegals are all potential avenues for candidates with an LLM focusing on criminal justice. Alternatively, those with an LLM specializing in criminal law typically pursue careers directly within law by earning a Juris Doctor or equivalent credential and serving as defense attorneys, criminal prosecutors and judges.

Programs offering an LLM in Criminal Law Studies are widely available globally and offer both part-time and full-time schedules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.