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3 LLM Programs in Czech Republic for 2024



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LLM Programs in Czech Republic

LLM is a postgraduate degree in law which is recognized all over the world. It is designed mostly, but not only for students of law who would like to focus their attention on a specific area of interest. These might include for instance international law, tax law, environmental law, human rights law or banking law. Some of the newly emerging and already highly popular areas of study comprise for example criminal law, European law or intellectual property law. To obtain this degree, students are usually enrolled full time for a period of one year.

Taking the LLM in the Czech Republic will allow students to experience academic excellence in a country which is known for its high quality education worldwide. Having established the first university in Central Europe already in 1348, the Czech Republic has always taken pride in its focus on quality education. Moreover, thanks to its location in the geographical and cultural heart of Europe, it has always enjoyed first-hand contact with the latest developments and innovative ideas. Studying an LLM in the Czech Republic consists of both research and coursework, thus enabling students to advance their academic credentials. Having completed an LLM in Czech Republic, students will be able to choose from a variety of career opportunities ranging from private law firms to multinational companies.

You can learn more about an LLM in the Czech Republic by reading through the programs below!