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7 LLM Programs in Law Studies Labor Law Studies 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Labor Law Studies

Before applying to a Master of Laws, students must already have earned a professional law degree, undergraduate law degree or an undergraduate degree in a related subject. An LLM focuses on a specific branch of law and may take one year to complete.

What is an LLM in Labor Law Studies? Labor law looks at the role the labor market, employment relations and social policy play on workers and businesses. Many programs are designed to look at labor laws from an international perspective, but some may focus on national issues. Students may expect to see certain courses throughout the curriculum, including general principles of labor law, collective labor law and dispute resolution, public law, comparative law relevance, and individual labor law. The curriculum may also include dissertations, lectures and projects.

This education prepares students to analyze the underlying principles of labor law. Participants may also get an opportunity to improve their negotiation, critical-thinking and time management skills. With this knowledge and skillset, students may be able to earn a higher salary or gain quicker promotions.

The cost of an LLM may vary based on the school and the country the school is in. Even the program type and duration can play a role in how much a student has to pay. To get an estimate, applicants must contact universities directly.

Graduates with an LLM in Labor Law Studies may join the workforce in international businesses, trade unions, employer organizations, consultancy firms, law firms, governmental organizations or universities. The exact careers available can vary from student to student. Some scholars have gone on to become labor lawyers, union consultants, mediators, discrimination advisors, labor law policymakers, judges, professors and officers at the department of labor.

Students all over the world may be able to take an LLM in Labor Law Studies. Many universities offer online and on-campus courses. To get specific information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.