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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 14 Masters of Laws  (LLM) Programs in Legal Research 2024

14 LLM Programs in Legal Research 2024


The Master of Laws is a postgraduate degree designed to give scholars a specialized knowledge by focusing on a particular area of law. Most students who enroll in an LLM program already have a Juris Doctor or undergraduate law degree. Full-time students often finish in a year.

What is an LLM in Legal Research? It is a postgraduate program designed to prepare professionals to ask questions, analyze issues and take on new challenges. Many courses give participants a chance to gain hands-on experience using various research methods. Students may be expected to participate in lectures, discussions, projects and dissertations. The exact course structure can vary from school to school but may include classes similar to theories and philosophy of legal research, reasoning with precedent, and traditions of legal inquiry.

Studying legal research gives participants a unique understanding of the importance of analytical thinking, communication and perceptiveness. This LLM program helps students improve these skills so they can join practices as well-rounded lawyers with a research-oriented mindset. These skills can also help a person live a rich personal life.

How much does an LLM cost? This can depend on the program, its duration and the school attended. If applicants want an estimate, they must contact the school they’re hoping to attend.

After graduating with an LLM in Legal Research, what kind of career can students have? There’s really no limit to what someone can do with this education. Many scholars go on to become legal researchers, lawyers, judges and advisors, but there may be other non-traditional opportunities available too. For example, some graduates turn to careers as professors, academic researchers, lecturers, legal journalists, quality inspectors and technical program managers.

Universities all over the globe may offer LLM programs either online or in person. To apply or learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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