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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 5 Masters of Laws  (LLM) Programs in Maritime Law 2024

5 LLM Programs in Maritime Law 2024


Maritime Law, also known as Admiralty Law, is concerned with the private international regulations governing bodies at sea. Maritime Law is not to be confused with the United Nations Law of the Sea which is a body of public law. An LLM is a master’s degree that typically takes one year to complete and adds specialization to an undergraduate education in law.

What are the benefits of an LLM in Maritime Law?

LLM in Maritime Law degree programs delve into the many facets of admiralty law including marine commerce, shipping, marine navigation, sailors, marine salvaging, and transportation by sea. Upon graduation from an LLM in Maritime Law program, graduates will be highly qualified to advise, litigate and negotiate based on the rules and guidelines of admiralty law.

What are the LLM in Maritime Law requirements?

Universities and law faculties consider applications from graduates of undergraduate law programs, Juris Doctor law degrees or other bachelor’s programs in other relevant subject areas. Once admitted to an LLM in Maritime Law program, students will be expected to pass at least a minimum number of credits through coursework. Some programs also require students to research a thesis in a specific subject relevant to maritime law.

How much does it cost to take an LLM in Maritime Law?

The costs of an LLM in Maritime Law degree program vary widely depending on the university, country and individual student. Online LLM in Maritime Law programs are also available at some top schools for students whose busy schedule does not allow a commute to campus. Prices of LLM in Maritime law programs and the option to study the law degree online are available through contact with the universities via this website.

Which career with an LLM in Maritime Law?

Career possibilities for graduates from LLM in Maritime Law are diverse and rewarding. LLM graduates go on to work in national or international legal practice for law firms, government bodies, NGOs, etc.

How to enroll in an LLM in Maritime Law?

Search for your LLM in Maritime Law program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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