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9 LLM Programs in Media Law 2024



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    LLM Programs in Media Law

    Usually focusing on a specific area of interest, an LLM is a graduate-level degree in the field of law. Most LLM programs are designed for completion in one year of full-time enrollment.

    What is an LLM in Media Law? A rich and rapidly expanding field, programs in this area tend to focus broadly on the regulation and governance of different forms of media, including motion pictures, art and music. Intensive studies of copyright laws, both as they apply nationally and internationally, as well as how they compare with those of other countries, is a common undertaking for students pursuing this degree. Courses students can select from often include trade, taxation and immigration laws as well as contract law. Although most programs have a regimented core curriculum of copyright and entertainment law, elective offerings are typically determined by the student’s personal interests or career aspirations.

    Students tend to develop a strong business orientation and become highly adept at negotiation, legal research and contract writing. As well as potentially opening the path for future careers, these traits can also enable students to pursue higher education opportunities.

    Most LLM programs are shorter than other graduate degrees, so the costs can be notably lower. The most accurate fee schedule information for a program can often be obtained from the institution’s financial department.

    Technology’s continued development has spurred an abundance of unprecedented legal concerns and too few media law specialists to address them. The disparity is an ample field of potential for graduates with this degree, allowing them to possibly qualify for positions in major corporations as copyright enforcement managers and contract managers. Although an LLM will not usually enable a graduate to practice law without further credentialing, this graduate-level award can open jobs as media attorneys, copyright and trademark associates, general counsel, corporate counsel, and regulatory associates when combined with a Juris Doctor or equivalent degree.

    Studying for an LLM in Media Law can be accomplished fully online, and many programs are open to international candidates. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.