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13 LLM Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies Public Law 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Civil Law Studies Public Law

After graduating from law school, many students go on to pursue an LLM. This degree helps students specialize in a specific area of law so they can enhance their knowledgebase and work in a niche area of the legal field.

What is an LLM in Public Law? This type of advanced legal degree covers a variety of topics, including criminal law, administrative law, constitutional law, and tax law. Those who work towards this degree may also study legal situations dealing with individuals and companies if the issue as a whole affects the government. Ultimately, students take courses on varying legal subjects that focus on how legal situations affect larger organizations, such as the government.

After earning an LLM degree in public law, students should be knowledgeable about a specific legal field, which can qualify them to earn more as a lawyer. Students may also develop refined research and comprehension skills, which can help them be a more effective legal professional.

There are many factors that impact how much it costs to earn this type of advanced degree. These can include what school is attended, how much the institution charges for tuition, and how long students take to complete the program in full.

After earning an LLM in Public Law, graduates have the opportunity to work in many positions within the legal field. For instance, students may be able to work as a public defender for a state or federal agency. They can also secure a position as a staff associate at a private firm or serve as in-house counsel for a larger organization that serves the public. Additionally, those with this degree can pursue a job as a compliance officer instead of an attorney.

Many LLM programs are available at locations in person and online throughout the world. To find out more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.