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3 MLS Programs in Economic Law Studies 2024



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MLS Programs in Economic Law Studies

A Master of Legal Studies is a graduate-level academic award often offered to scholars who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. As a non-professional law degree, it does not prepare participants to sit the bar. Most MLS programs last one or two years.

What is an MLS in Economic Law Studies? It is an academic program that looks at legal and economic aspects of businesses. Some programs may have a geographical focus, such as the United States or Europe. Students may be able to choose the focus or the school may decide what it is. Most MLS programs have required courses, but these can be different at each school. An economic law studies program may require courses similar to law of foreign trade, economic aspects of business organization, company law and cross-border capital markets.

This type of education can help participants build their cultural understanding, communication skills and critical thinking abilities. With these improved skillsets, students may become more attractive job applicants. Some people may even be able to use these skills to improve their daily lives.

The cost of a Master of Legal Studies often depends on the school, its location and the program. Tuition may even vary by year at some universities. Applicants can get a better idea of cost by contacting a school directly.

An MLS in Economic Law Studies can prepare graduates for a variety of careers. While most students with this education don’t go on to become lawyers, some could go back to school for their professional law degree. Other participants may enter the workforce as economic consultants, business researchers, negotiators, mediators and policymakers. The exact careers available will of course depend on the students’ other education and previous work history.

You may be able to enroll in an MLS program at universities around the world. Some may even have online courses that allow you to participate no matter where you live. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.