Are More US Law Schools Set to Slash Tuitions?
September 27, 2016

With many aspiring law students put off by the high cost of law school and the prospect of wracking up massive amounts of debt, law schools are reaching for new ways to help students gain access to legal degrees. Now comes news from the U.S. of one school rolling out a groundbreaking program aimed at keeping tuition costs low. Let’s take a closer look at this University of Tulsa College of Law initiative, along with how it might prime the path for other law schools to follow in its lead. 

In New Zealand Rivers Have Rights, Too
September 20, 2016
When we think about rights, we usually do so in the context of humans. But revolutionary legislation in New Zealand earlier this month grants new rights to an entirely different kind of “body”:  rivers, as well as forests and other “objects” of nature. Let’s take a...

The Threat of Brexit Prompts Increased EU Enrollments in Britain
September 13, 2016
While the full impact of Brexit will not be known for years to come, it can already be seen in one phenomenon underway in the higher education sphere: a dramatic rise in applications by EU students to British universities. Let’s take a closer look at the trend, along with why experts believe i...

State-Funded Students Start Classes in Kenya
September 6, 2016
With college largely out of reach for the majority of Kenyans due to its high price tag, the government is acknowledging the need for new measures aimed at enhancing its attainability. A major step in a promising direction? The matriculation of 10,000 government-sponsored students into the country&r...

Fewer Law Students, More On-Campus Interviews?
August 30, 2016
With law school enrollments on the decline, law firms are being forced into finding new ways to connect with prospective employees. One trend recently identified by the ABA Journal? An increase in law firm participation at on-campus interviews. Let’s take closer look at the phenomenon, along w...

Are Indian Universities Abandoning the Cap and Gown?
August 23, 2016
When you picture yourself crossing the stage and accepting your law studies degree, you’re probably wearing a conventional cap and gown. However, Indian schools are increasingly turning to a different look: “attire that has an ‘Indian essence,’” according to The Times o...

Taking on Gender Equality in Ireland
August 16, 2016
As countries around the world aim to boost gender equality in higher education, Ireland is taking a major step to address the issue, according to UTV Ireland. A recently released report commissioned by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and conducted by the Expert Group highlights the issue while ...

New International Collaboration Policies Promise Improved HE in India
August 9, 2016
Recent news from India reveals additional efforts underway by Indian universities to enhance the quality of its higher education offerings by partnering with top universities from around the world. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect to see based on a new University Grant Commission...

Obama Initiates Pell-Grant Program for Prisoners
July 26, 2016
According to research, providing inmates in American prisons with educational opportunities reduces re-incarceration rates and provides prisoners with better opportunities post-release. Now, a pilot funding program initiated by the Obama administration will give thousands of incarcerated Americans t...

A New Development at the Intersection of Law Studies and Tech
July 12, 2016
We recently highlighted several reasons why law students should considering learning to code. Now comes news indicating the further intermingling of law and technology. According to a recent report from the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, many of the globe’s top technology compan...


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