Tighter Travel Restrictions in U.S. Impacting Millions?
April 19, 2016

Traveling to the U.S. has gotten harder for dual nationals or Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan, along with those who have traveled to these countries in the past five years. According to an anti-terrorism act passed by the Obama administration at the end of 2015 and which went into effect earlier this year, relevant individuals who could previously travel without a visa in the US now require permits. Let’s take a closer look at the changes, along with their anticipated impact.

The Little-Known Link Between U.S. Undergrads and Non-Credit International Study
April 12, 2016
While recent research speaks to the profound benefits of experiential learning, are students responding by embracing more unconventional educational opportunities while abroad?  The answer is an emphatic “yes” among U.S. college students, according to a recent report from the Instit...

Quality Assurance Initiatives in the Works for Sweden?
April 5, 2016
What do you do when more than 20 percent of 189 higher degree study courses are deemed to be “not satisfactory” according to your current evaluation process? If you’re Sweden, you propose a new system aimed at improving quality assurance efforts and boosting overall quality of high...

Law Graduates in the US See Increased Employment
March 29, 2016
There's more good news for law students - 2016 looks to be a bumper year for summer recruitment and entry-level legal positions. After a few tough years of recession-triggered austerity, the legal market is on the rebound and law graduates are finding jobs. But the employment opportunities are comin...

What Is the Future of Global Education?
March 22, 2016
The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) gathered together delegates from all over the world last month at its annual conference in Montreal. At the top of the agenda, according to a recent report from The Pie News? The need to promote civic engagement, social responsibility,...

Moving Toward a Uniform Bar Exam in the US?
March 15, 2016
Under the conventional decentralized, state-by-state testing and bar admissions system, American law students have long faced a dilemma upon graduation: where to take the bar exam. Why did it matter so much? Because in the U.S., where you’re admitted to the bar directly determines where you ca...

New Erasmus+ Program is Off to an Excellent Start
March 8, 2016
The new Erasmus+ program has been making headlines since it debuted in 2014. The program continues to support student mobility throughout the world, and now a new report indicates that Erasmus+ is right on target and exceeding expectations. Let's break down the report and see what Erasmus+ is doing ...

How Australian Universities Are Stepping Up To Prevent Sexual Assault
March 1, 2016
Sexual assault is a very real issue on campuses all over the world. Now, Australia is setting an innovative international example with the debut of a universities-wide campaign aimed at safeguarding members of its college communities from sexual assault and harassment. Here’s what you need to ...

US Law Schools See More Minority Enrollment
February 23, 2016
The last five years saw a sharp decline in law school enrollment in the US, but one student demographic bucked the trend. Let’s take a closer look at law school enrollment to see how law school populations are changing and what that could mean for future legal professionals.

Higher Education Quality on the Rise in Kenya?
February 16, 2016
With universities all over the world angling to improve their higher educational offerings, the Kenyan government has implemented a rigorous audit in an aim to boost the quality of its programs. Let’s take a closer look at the campaign, along with what it means for students in Kenya and educat...


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