Is Access to Literacy a Constitutional Right?
August 20, 2018
In September of 2016, Detroit students filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that they’d been denied “access to literacy” at their schools. Now comes news that a Michigan Federal District Court judge has dismissed the case against the state.

Will a Canadian Law Firm Spur Diversity By Making This Change?
August 16, 2018
A Toronto law firm is hoping to promote more diversity among its summer interns by removing names from applications. Why is this 'name-blind screening' necessary and will it work?

Law Schools See Increased Interest in Immigration Law
August 1, 2018
According to the American Bar Association Journal, student interest in immigration law has skyrocketed in the past few years, with student membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association doubling in the past 18 months. Let's take a closer look.

Will You Have to Sign an Arbitration Agreement?
July 17, 2018
Employers often ask employees--and in this case, summer associates--to sign arbitration agreements in which they give up their rights to sue the company or firm over job-related issues such as wrongful conduct or sexual harassment. Some big law firms still require summer associates to sign mandatory...

Will More States Adopt the Uniform Bar Exam?
July 10, 2018
In less than two weeks, thousands of law school grads will sit for the bar exam. Many will enjoy better career opportunities thanks to the increased adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), which allows test-takers to easily transfer their scores to reciprocal states. The good news? More states have ...

Big Law Firms Raise Starting Salaries
July 3, 2018
Good news for recent law grads looking to land an associate's position at a large, national firm. You may be able to pay back those loans sooner than you think, with a big bonus from some of the US's top firms.

Checking In on Social Mobility in the UK Judiciary
June 26, 2018
The UK’s judiciary has long been plagued by issues pertaining to elitism and social mobility. Now comes news that a reversal may be underway. But is progress happening fast enough and at all levels? Here’s a closer look at the situation.

Single Mother Law Graduate Story Goes Viral
June 14, 2018
Law school is hard. Parenting is hard. Both at the same time? Even harder. Try being a single parent on top of all of that. Meet Briana Williams, the 24-year old internet sensation who just got her law degree from Harvard.

Why are Fewer Connecticut Students Passing the Bar Exam?
June 5, 2018
For the first time since 2000, Connecticut's pass rate for the bar exam fell below 50 percent, to just 38 percent this year. Let's take a closer look.

ABA Grows Closer to Allowing More Online Credits for Law Students
May 29, 2018
Law students have until now been limited in terms of the availability of online coursework due to American Bar Association (ABA) restrictions. Now, the organization has taken a step closer to eliminating these obstacles in order to help law students enjoy more of the benefits associated with online ...


January 17, 2019

Attending law school is a pivotal step on the journey to becoming a legal professional. But the reality is it's not all sunshine and roses. In additio...

January 1, 2019

Today is not just New Year’s Day, it’s also Copyright Law Day. And while it may not be as well-known as its shared holiday, it’s still important...

December 19, 2018

Whether you’re a law student or a law graduate, you have probably got a lot of commitments in your life. Adding another item to your to-do list may ...