Written by Joanna Hughes

U2, Lorde, and Kendrick Lamar may be among the most-hyped tours in the music world for 2018, but another name has serious rock star status on the law school circuit. We’re talking about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who today kicks off a tour of four Northeast law schools scheduled for the weeks ahead. Here’s a closer look at why Ginsburg is such a big deal, along with where she’s headed.

The “Beyoncé of the Law”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been heralded as both the “Beyoncé of the law” for her contributions as a Supreme Court Justice. In addition to Justice Ginsburg’s professional achievements, she’s also beloved for her pioneering path from humble beginnings to iconic defender of equal rights. Proposes Mogul, “Ginsburg’s strengths stretch far beyond her legal prowess. She is an outspoken activist, fashionista, and workout fanatic. Just like Beyoncé, Justice Ginsburg helped make the movement towards gender equality not just acceptable, but mainstream.”

She’s also a representative for left-leaning types in a right-leaning time. Continues Mogul, “She is the voice of dissonance in a conservative-led court, a pioneer and a brilliant (and often hilarious) mind.”

But whether or not you personally agree with her political views, the fact remains that her trailblazing career has been an impressive one.

First Stop, Rhode Island

Given Justice Ginsburg’s tremendous popularity, it’s hardly a surprise that many law students are celebrating her imminent campus appearances. Justice Ginsburg's first stop?  Rhode Island’s Roger Williams University School of Law, where she will share a “fireside chat” with the First Circuit’s Judge Bruce Selya. Next month, Justice Ginsburg will travel to NYU School of Law, New York Law School, and finally, University of Pennsylvania Law School to wrap up the tour.

As Roger Williams’ Dean Michael Yelnosky told Above the Law of student anticipation of Justice Ginsburg’s appearance, “They are ecstatic. We’ve had justices here before — I’m not trying to cast aspersions — but she’s a cultural icon. She’s a rock star. This Notorious RBG thing is huge. It’s a combination of her being a true legal pioneer and someone who has a public persona and personality that people find very compelling.”

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