Written by Joanna Hughes

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may no longer be married, but their partnership left behind a powerful legacy thanks to the non-profit organization they co-founded, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children. According to the organization’s most recent impact report, it has identified nearly 6,000 child sex trafficking victims and saved 103 of them from sexually abusive situations. Here’s a closer look at the work, as reported by MSN.

Life After Kelso

Kutcher may be best known for his portrayal of dim-witted pretty boy Kelso on That 70s Show and for his practical jokes on Punk'd, but his real-life interests are anything but trivial. In addition to disrupting 6,608 perpetrators and encouraging more than 140,000 people looking for child sexual abuse material to seek help, Thorn also educated millions of teens through its Stop Sextortion campaign.

Technology for a Cause

Kutcher has also made his voice heard on Capitol Hill. In February of 2017, he testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, imploring Congress members to join the fight against modern-day slavery around the world.

Speaking to 48 Hours in March, Kutcher cited the important role technology plays in facilitating Thorn’s efforts. “What we do at our core is we build technology to help fight sexual exploitation of children. You can roll up your sleeves and go try to be like a hero and go save one person, or you can build a tool that allows one person to save a lot of people.”

Wondering why Kutcher doesn't just stick with his day job? Sharing an example of a phone call the Thorn team received from the Department of Homeland Security looking for assistance in finding the abuser of a seven-year-old girl, Kutcher explained, “We were the last line of defense -- an actor and his foundation were the potential last line of defense. That’s my day job, and I’m sticking to it.”


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