Amid growing fears that Brexit could irrevocably harm students in the UK, over a million students at UK universities demand a new referendum.

Last weekend student groups representing over one million students wrote a letter to Members of Parliament (MPs) calling for "a people's vote" before Brexit is implemented.

In the letter, elected student representatives say they believe “the European Union has been a force for good for UK society."

They also argue that many of the current were too young to vote in the 2016 referendum--but they're old enough now and they want a say.

The joint letter came from For our Future’s Sake (FFS), a student-led campaign across the UK from young people “who have decided to stand up and be counted” and who also believe that the UK should stay in the EU.

In an article in The Guardian, Amatey Doku, deputy president of the National Union of Students, said, “When over 120 elected student officers, representing nearly a million young people, call for something with one clear voice, they need to be listened to. Students and young people overwhelmingly voted Remain and cannot see how the government can deliver a Brexit deal that works for them. As an elected representative body of 600 student unions, NUS is calling for a people’s vote on the Brexit deal.”

Melantha Chittenden, the national chair of Labour Students, which has a membership of 30,000, said, "“It’s wrong to think students only care about student-specific issues like Erasmus – they care passionately about staying in the customs union and retaining freedom of movement, they understand the rights and protections that the EU affords us all and will do anything to defend that. That’s why young people voted Remain and it’s why we should get a say on the terms of the final deal.”

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