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    PhD Programs in Business Law

    What is PhD in Business Law?

    Earning a PhD in Business Law means that an individual has completed at least six years of higher education, submitted an original dissertation to their university's program directors and showed exceptional insight and knowledge regarding all facets of business law theory.

    Which career with an PhD in Business Law?

    Depending on the country, other terms that may be used in place of a PhD in Business Law, are Doctor of Laws and Doctor of Jurisprudence. Instead of working as lawyers, students electing to pursue a PhD in Business Law usually plan to teach law at a university or engage in academic research with the intent of publishing their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

    What does an PhD in Business Law consist of?

    Business law deals with rules and regulations encompassing commercial entities affected by contractual transactions, partnerships, bankruptcies, mergers and associated actions. Also called "commercial" law, business law involves issues concerning the trade, sales and merchandising of products or services provided by an individual or group of like-minded individuals. At times, it can reach into branches of civil, public and private law and even extend into additional areas of the legal field.

    What are the benefits of an PhD in Business Law?

    A PhD degree in business law is highly esteemed in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The annual wage of those with a Doctor of Laws is much higher than that of someone with a Master or Bachelor of Law and also affords opportunities involving university, political or government positions. With transnational corporations emerging rapidly in a globalized world, the need for business law PhD holders who specialize in international and maritime laws pertaining to the business world is unmistakable and expected to continue increasing over the next several decades.

    How to enroll in an PhD in Business Law?

    If you are interested in a Law Degree but have a connection to the field of Business the PhD in Business Law is right for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.