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    PhD Programs in Criminal Law Studies

    A Doctor of Philosophy, or a PhD, is usually the highest degree a student can achieve and follows the completion of a master’s degree. A PhD grants expert status to its recipient and allows him or her to teach in institutions of higher learning.

    What is a PhD in Criminal Law Studies? This program offers the in-depth study of criminal justice theory and practice. Specializations within the field can be chosen in most cases. Students in the program often take coursework in areas such as public policy, emergency management, national security, and international studies. Most doctoral programs also require students to complete a dissertation before earning the degree.

    The PhD in Criminal Law Studies offers students the opportunity to gain leadership skills that can be translated into their personal as well as professional lives. Students also learn critical emergency management skills that can save lives. Many students become better managers of time and personnel through their studies.

    The degree scheme differs among the many universities that offer it; therefore, the costs will vary based on the country the degree is received in and on specifics of the university chosen. A PhD usually takes three to seven years to complete.

    Graduates of the PhD program often find increased employment opportunities within and beyond the criminal justice arena. Some are qualified to become teachers at the collegiate level. Many do so and continue their research in a professorship. Others go on to work for government agencies in intelligence or emergency management. Some graduates continue their research as consultants to law enforcement agencies and governments. Still others move into positions as police officers, criminal investigators, or managers of correctional facilities or law enforcement agencies.

    Many colleges and universities offer the PhD in Criminal Law Studies both locally and online. Students may find that one option suits them best. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.