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19 PhD Programs 2023


A Doctorate in Law, also known as a PhD in Law or a Legum Doctor (abbreviated LD or LLD) is an advanced post-graduate degree that involves research and taking an academic approach to Law study. Candidates for a PhD in Law are responsible for taking on in-depth research into a concentration within the field of law.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a PhD in Law?

One of the benefits of pursuing a doctorate in Law Studies is that deep, long-term research trains candidates to develop their critical and systematic analytical aptitude into a highly valuable professional trait. Working toward a PhD in Law is a process that develops the candidate in other ways besides their specific understanding and knowledge of the subject they are researching.

What Are the Requirements for a PhD in Law?

Like the costs associated with a PhD in Law, the prerequisites for entry to a particular program at any given school can also vary. Many universities require PhD in Law applicants to have a Masters degree, while some will consider applicants who graduated a Bachelors program with honors. Universities will provide more information about prerequisites for a PhD in Law upon request.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a PhD in Law?

The completion of a PhD in Law degree program is a notable achievement, and is valued very highly both inside and outside of academia. Those who hold a doctorate in Law find themselves highly qualified for positions as legal professionals, professors, researchers, policy-makers and more. Graduates from PhD in Law programs have gone on to leadership positions in high courts, international humanitarian organizations, government and commerce, to name a few sectors. Below, you can read more about PhD in Law programs and request more information from the universities hosting them.

How to enroll in a PhD in Law?

Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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