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6 SJD Programs in Legal Studies 2024



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SJD Programs in Legal Studies

An SJD is a Doctor of Juridical Science and is most common in the United States. However, this advanced degree can be pursued all over the world with the goal of increasing your legal knowledge.

More specifically, what is an SJD in Law Studies? This kind of SJD is more research- and reading-driven instead of course-driven. Most schools will pair you with an advisor or let you choose one from among the faculty. There is often a candidacy period for the first year or two before work on a dissertation begins. The dissertation must demonstrate a substantial contribution to the subject and be defended before a panel of experts before a degree will be awarded.

Pursuing an SJD can impart certain life skills to you, including organization, negotiation and problem-solving. Organization helps you manage your time and get more done in a day. Good negotiation skills can be used in social settings to guide a discussion. Problem-solving is useful when tackling daily issues.

To ensure you complete your degree, it's important to make a budget for all your costs. These can include books, registration, course fees and travel. Contact schools in advance to find out all you can about these and other costs.

Careers you can pursue with an SJD are available all over the world. Some places to look include international businesses, law firms, law schools, nonprofits and government offices. Within these organizations, job titles you can look for include international legal consultant, foreign ambassador and regulatory agent. An SJD can also be used to further your current career with a promotion or pay raise.

Law studies is a subject offered at many schools. Any of these schools with a graduate program may offer an SJD. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.