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The Faculty of Business and Globalization offers continuing university education within a broad range of economics and management sciences, communication, knowledge and information management, public administration and e-governance, European integration as well as in business and European law. In particular, the Faculty emphasizes continuing education in the fields of migration and integration research as well as fighting computer crime. As a part of this process, the Faculty not only imparts expert knowledge but also specific management know-how and social competencies required for dealing with an increasingly pluralistic society. An interdisciplinary team of experienced teachers well recognized in the world of science promotes method-driven thinking and independent work using many-faceted forms of teaching.

Furthermore, the Faculty's research work strongly focuses on current economico-political and sociopolitical issues in close cooperation with the international scientific community. One of its main priorities is application-oriented research for, and in collaboration with, businesses and public institutions. Additionally, interdisciplinary teams offer advice, counseling and training for entrepreneurs, NGOs and decision makers in the world of politics and public administration.

Department for Management and Economics

We strive to be number one in Europe in executive education and set standards by our state-of-the art curricula tailored to a manager’s needs in the fast-paced 21st century. As a lifelong career coach and partner to our executives we cater to their specific needs with cutting-edge managerial knowledge delivered by flexible blended learning formats based on latest technology. This allows us to have a lasting impact on both, our managers’ careers and self-development and the recent challenges of the society.

Department for Business Law and European Integration

Danube Legal Excellence: renowned faculty – excellent student-to-teacher ratio – campus atmosphere - internationality

The Department for Business Law and European Integration is the leading institution for postgraduate legal studies in Austria. Its courses are specifically oriented toward the needs of working professionals and combines excellence in research and teaching. Danube University Krems is located 80 km from Vienna – in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes of Europe known as the Wachau. It has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

Department for E-Governance and Administration

New developments in technology, social and political structures are changing the traditional forms of work and governance structures.

The Department for E-Governance brings together theory and practice and provides further education and training at post-graduate level. The degrees and seminars are offered part-time so that professionals can study whilst pursuing their careers. Through research, consultancy and a number of both national and international cooperations we are able to offer the most up-to-date content, solutions and methods.

We aim to provide new ideas, innovative management approaches and human-centred solutions and tools for public administration and and IT-management.

Department Migration and Globalization

We work on a critical issue of modern societies, namely Migration and Globalization. In so doing we want to contribute to a better understanding of the processes at work to promote social cohesion and wellbeing.

Our teaching and research has a focus on:

  • Migration
  • Europe and globalization
  • Learning, work and industrial relations
  • Health and social welfare
  • Housing, neighborhood and regional development
  • Social security and human rights
  • Religion and intercultural communication
  • With special emphasis on gender and generational gaps

We engage in basic as well as applied research, provide scientific guidance for policy makers, business, civil society and the media. We follow an integrated approach in research and lifelong learning.

Our team covers a wide range of professional disciplines such that we may address the complexity of migration and globalization from various vantage points.

Department for Knowledge and Communication Management

We are a university-based Competence Centre for Research, Practice and further education. The subject matter we cover ranges from cognition and communication to knowledge and information management, while our work Creates impetus for Both the economy and society. Our research and teaching expertise is based on on effective combination of three disciplines: Cognitive Science, Information Science and Communication Science. We use this expertise to develop and teach key competences in Both Theory and Practice for People and Organizations. Our Department currently offers 16 master program, each of Which Combines communication competence with management expertise. We are presently working on seven large-scale international projects in the fields of research information design and social systems (usability and Network Research). To complement our Master program, so we offer certified program, university seminars and subject-specific management training.

Danube University Krems

The University for Continuing Education

Danube University Krems is the university for continuing education. Its courses are specifically oriented toward the needs of working professionals. The University offers exclusive master's programs and short programs in five areas of study. Serving more than 8,500 students and with 17,000 graduates from 90 countries, it is one of the leading providers of further education courses in Europe. Danube University Krems combines almost 20 years of experience in postgraduate education with innovation and highest quality standards in research and teaching.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • German

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This school also offers:


LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution

Campus Full time 2 semesters October 2017 Austria Krems

The LL.M. Program in International Dispute Resolution was designed to explore new and innovative avenues in the area of dispute resolution and to provide a profound knowledge and skills for a successful career in the exciting field [+]

The LL.M. Program in International Dispute Resolution was designed to explore new and innovative avenues in the area of dispute resolution and to provide a profound knowledge and skills for a successful career in the exciting field of international dispute resolution. Emphasis is put on arbitration in the CEE region. The Department for Business Law and European Integration developed a program, which offers students the opportunity to explore in detail various means for resolving international disputes in an efficient way. The core areas of international commercial arbitration, international commercial litigation, international business mediation, and negotiation are complemented with course modules on international investment disputes and other special topics. These course modules include conflict management as well as practice-oriented exercises such as stakeholder disputes and litigation PR, which shall provide our graduates with the necessary practical knowledge and techniques to achieve the best possible outcome for their international clients. This program is supported by the international arbitration law firm Konrad & Partners. Target Group - Law graduates and practitioners interested in International Dispute Resolution as well as lawyers in training, business lawyers and attorneys, legal counsel and consultants Alumni Networking The alumni networking of the Department for Business Law and European Integration encourages and facilitates the benefits of personal contact and exchange of professional experience between graduates, lecturers and university. Admission requirements - First degree in law, or a degree with a substantial law content (exceptions are assessed on a case-by-case basis) - Fluency in English - Successful admission interview [-]


Introducing the International Dispute Resolution LL.M. at Danube University Krems


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