Pontificia Universidad Javeriana



Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1623, it is a Catholic university, recognized by the Colombian government, which aims to serve the human community, especially Colombia, seeking to establish a more civilized, more cultured and juster society, inspired by Gospel values. Promotes comprehensive training of people, human values, development, and transmission of science and culture, and contribute to the development, guidance, the critical and constructive transformation of society.


The Rector of the Pontifical Javeriana University is located on the sixth floor of building Emilio Arango, SJ From it depend on the Private Secretariat, the General Secretariat, the Legal Department, the Office of Grants Management, the Department of Communications and the Ministry of planning.

Academic Vice

The Academic Vice primary function to establish guidelines and policies based on which programs and academic projects at the University develop. It counts with the support of various agencies and units attached.

Middle University

The activities of the university environment are those that tend to ensure that all processes at the University are consistent with the educational principles of the Society of Jesus and to promote the formation and development of the educational community and to promote, within the possibilities, the well-being of each of the individuals who compose it.


The goal is the generation of guidelines and making timely and expeditious procedures for the development and strengthening of research decisions, given the importance and complexity of the activity. The proposal assumes issues associated innovation and artistic creation, by its identity with the investigation. In the future, it may assign institutes.

Extension and Institutional Relations

It aims to generate guidelines extension activity and inter-institutional relations and making timely and expeditious procedures for developing and strengthening its decisions.


The functions of those who are in charge administrative activities are carried out with the character of service to other university activities and benefit from them. (Statutes numeral 50). The Administrative Staff will be responsible for functions supporting the development of teaching, research, and service, as well as the creation and promotion of the Middle University.

First University in Colombia with Institutional Accreditation

The Ministry of National Education, through Resolution No. 1320, credited June 12, 2003, at the Javeriana University, with a term of eight years. The Resolution stresses that the University "has achieved sufficient levels of quality, according to the rules governing the matter, will be publicly recognized this fact through a formal act of institutional accreditation".

Renewal of Institutional High-Quality Accreditation

The Ministry of National Education, through Resolution No. 2333 of March 6, 2012, renewed the institutional accreditation of high quality at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and granted institutional accreditation of high quality to the branch in the city of Cali.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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