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Synergy University

Russia Moscow September 2018

We have combined long-time academical traditions and modern educational technologies. For almost 30 years we have been training professionals who have full package of practical experience and skills as for starting and developing their own business, as for holding management positions in big companies. Our goal is to make good education accessible to everyone. THE MAJOR POINT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE LARGEST EMPLOYING COMPANIES OUR STUDENTS LEARN FROM THE BEST TO BECOME… [+] THE BEST OUR GRADUATES ARE THE PROFESSIONAL ELITE OF INTERNATIONAL LEVEL HISTORY 1988: The first Synergy Business School was established. Primary goal of school was management and entrepreneur training under new economics conditions. 1995: Moscow University for Industry and Finance (MUIF) was established. 1999: MUIF had become a member of Russian Association of Business Education (RABE). 2000: MUIF had carried out the first recruitment for the program «Employee Pool», under which a targeted preparation of managers from among the best school graduates in the regions of Russia and the CIS was held. 2001: Synergy University educational programs obtained accreditation by Association of MBAs (AMBA). 2001: RABE came to a number of partnership agreements with foreign business schools, including Durham Business School (Great Britain). 2003: MUIF became a member of European Foundation for Management Development). University publishing house was established («Synergy» Publishing House). College at MUIF was opened. 2004: The Career development center was opened — the University whose experts help students to take in the situation on job market, to evaluate their potential and to find well-paid jobs in partner companies. Stream-oriented employment of students with the companies, university partners, started. 2005: Dissertation Advisory Committee was opened at MUIF. 2006: MUIF joined the Magna Charta Universitatum. Remote education web portal developed by MUIF IT-experts was opened. 2007: MUIF became a co-founder of National Association for the Entrepreneurship Education (RAOP). 2007: MUIF came to cooperation agreements with University of international Business and Economics in Beijing and also with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 2007: In MUIF were opened two Doctorate Advisory Committees. The creative agency «Synergy Digital» was opened. 2008: The MUIF team became an award holder of the RF Government Prize for educational programs and study guides in the field of competition and entrepreneurship. The Microfinance organization «Synergy Capital» was established. 2009: MUIF became the first Russian university which obtained accreditation by European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL). The University got prestige quality mark UNIQUe and «EFQUEL Award 2009». 2009: MUIF President Y. B. Rubin became a member of Russian Academy of Education. 2010: Synergy Business School became a part of Moscow University for Industry and Finance. The University got the new name — MUIF Synergy (Synergy University). 2010: Synergy University Supervisory Committee was established whose members were well known businessmen, representatives of a public authority and public figures. 2010: Broadcast of informative educational TV-channel «Synergy TV» started. 2010: First recruitment for the University program «First Business», under which students' business projects. 2011 University based Language training center was established. The only one time management company in Russia «Time Management» became a part of University. First University Pro-Chancellor V. A. Lednev became a member of Council for accreditation of non-governmental association of small and medium entrepreneurship «OPORA Russia». The Council is engaged in professional and public accreditation of Russian universities. 2012 Synergy Business School opened a campus in Dubai (UAE) and became the first Russian business school which offered master programs MBA abroad in a foreign language. The University offers the specialist training programme in HoReCa in coopersation with TH «Abrau-Durso» —"Abrau-Durso" Hospitality School". The University won a prize «For contribution to the development of entrepreneurship education in RF» University President Y. B. Rubin was chosen as a chairman of National Association of Education. 2013 New University structure was approved. First in Russia Business educational department was opened. The University completed a project on the development of educational standards in entrepreneurship education successfully and carried out a series of upgrade training course for professors. Synergy University KVN-team reached the final of the Premiership League Season. 2014 Linguistics department was opened in the University. 1200 volunteers from Synergy University Voluntary center went Sochi 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games. The University won a prize «For significant contribution to implementation of voluntary program „Sochi 2014“ and to development of voluntary movement in RF» 2015 Synergy University was the arranger of the largest business event of the year, which brought together 6,000 participants. During the two-day forum on the stage appeared Brian Tracy, Garrett Johnson, Keith Ferrazzi, Radislav Gandapas and other leading Russian and world business speakers. Synergy University graduates took the 5 th place in the official salary ranking of Russian universities graduates who have IT-degree. 2016 Synergy University took the 1 st place in the ranking of management education programs of the AC «Expert», and also took place in the TOP-5 rating of professional development programs, trainings and seminars. The project ЕГЭ. рф, which allowed senior graduates to prepare for the exams in a convenient and entertaining interactive format, got started. The second Synergy Global Forum in Moscow attracted more than 6000 people and was included into the Russian Record Book as the most mass business event in Russia and the CIS. In October 2016 took place the first enterprise forum «Heroes of Russian Business» where the founders of the successful Russian companies appeared on the stage. DEPARTMENTS Faculty of Business Faculty of Management Faculty of Economics Faculty of Informational Technologies Faculty of Psychology FACULTY OF SPORT MANAGEMENT Faculty of Sport Management Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Management Faculty of Internet Department of Integrated Security Faculty of Law Faculty of Banking Faculty of Design Faculty of Advertising Faculty of Linguistics [-]

Derzhavin Institute

Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Russian language has always been one of the most widely spoken languages, not only in Russia but in the whole world. According to recent research, more than 500 million people speak Russian, making it the world's third most commonly spoken language after Chinese (more than 1 billion speakers) and English (750 million). It is one of the official or working languages in many international organizations (e.g. UNO, UNESCO, IAEA, WHO, etc). More and more students learn Russian… [+] as a second foreign language. A great deal of economists, managers, lawyers, artists, and those who take part in different international projects and have international contacts are interested in Russian language, Russian culture, and Russia itself. Although the number of specialized Russian language courses and Russian language schools is constantly increasing all over the world, it is most popular to study Russian in Russia. It is widely accepted that the best way to master the language is to visit the country where it is spoken as the first language. Thus learning Russian language in Russia is without a doubt the best decision. With ceaseless communication with Russian native speakers on a wide range of topics, you'll learn Russian in Russia in an easy and natural way. Nowadays, there are a lot of Russian language schools for foreigners not only in Russia but in the former Soviet Republics (such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazahstan). However, it is only by taking Russian language courses in Russia that you can learn the real language through full immersion. So Russian in Russia is the best choice! [-]

National research Ogarev Mordovia State University

Russia Saransk September 2018

National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University is one of the leading academic institutions of Russia. The University offers a wide range of academic programmes in science, engineering, life sciences, medicine, humanities and arts. Students are able to opt for Bachelor and Master degree programmes, Higher Education diploma (5-year study), PhD and Post-Doctoral Programs, various short courses. In 2010, Ogarev Mordovia State University was conferred a special category “National R… [+] esearch University”. By this fact we are recognized among the 29 best Russian research-intensive universities. Ogarev Mordovia State University develops an international network of partners from all over the world and has more than 25 years of experience in training international students. Ogarev Mordovia State University incorporates 18 academic departments, 7 research institutes and 2 affiliated campuses. The student body counts almost 20000 with 1200 international students from 56 countries. University enrols more than 1000 doctoral students and runs 11 dissertation councils. Teaching staff is almost 1400 people. MRSU was successfully certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001. In 2012 MRSU was awarded the Recognized Excellence Level by the National Quality Award for Higher Education in Russian Federation. National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University develops itself as a research centre. Research groups of university currently work in 28 fields of science and engineering with the priority areas of power engineering, power electronics, lighting engineering, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, material sciences, sustainable development, finno-ugric studies, political sciences and law. University scholars carry out joint innovative projects with leading Russian and international research centres of the Academies of Sciences, Science and Industrial Parks, Russian Technological Platforms and high-tech industry. The international partner network involves over 90 universities and research centres from 35 countries of the world. [-]

National University of Science and Technology MISiS

Russia Moscow September 2018

With over 80 years of experience educating in the fields of scientific research, technology, and metallurgy, The National University of Science and Technology MISiS has a proud and distinguished history. Established in 1918, the University originated as the Department of Metallurgy in the Moscow Academy of Mines, and in the following decades has undergone several transformations before achieving its current designation as a national research university. In the 20th century,… [+] the Moscow Academy of Mines and then the Moscow Steel Institute (founded in 1930) each played a prominent role in the industrialization of Soviet Russia. Today the National University of Science and Technology MISiS is at the forefront in the development of Russia’s innovative, knowledge-based economy, supporting the nation’s ability to successfully compete with other advanced economies as well as to fully integrate into the international community. As in the past, MISiS remains one of Russia’s leading teaching and research educational centers. It provides a first-class professional education for over 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers extensive opportunities for specialized scientific research with the objective of transferring the University’s ideas, innovations, and technologies to real-life application. MISiS aims to produce and nurture pioneering processes in a variety of fields ranging from its historic expertise in Metallurgy and Materials Science to relatively new directions in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technologies and Telecommunications, and Sustainable Development and Energy-Efficient Technologies. These technologies are essential for improving the quality of life not only in the Russian Federation but worldwide. Following Russian Federal Policy in Engineering and Innovations, the University is working to enhance research and development projects in prioritized areas of the economy. Our goal is to create energy-efficient technologies and environmentally-friendly methods of industrial production, as well as to produce the new materials for use in these energy-efficient technologies. MISiS supports a multi- and cross-disciplinary approach to education. Our mission emphasizes providing fundamental instruction at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as creating an organic bond between education and science. MISiS is working to develop new mutually-beneficial, collaborative relationships with international industrial and educational partners, while continuing to nurture existing ones. Our institutional vision recognizes the seeming paradox that in the world of competition it is international cooperation that has the potential of creating an environment uniquely conducive to the attainment of the University’s goals and continuing evolution. [-]

Higher School of Economics

Russia Moscow United Kingdom London Canterbury Nizhny Novgorod St. Petersburg South Korea Seoul September 2018 + 4 more

Consistently ranked as one of Russia’s top three universities, the Higher School of Economics (HSE) sets itself apart by its internationally-minded, research-driven approach to higher education. Based in the vibrant center of Moscow, with campuses in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm, HSE offers outstanding academics at all levels and includes 20 English-taught Master’s programmes. Modern HSE was founded in 1992 by leading Russian economists and government reformers to … [+] promote economic and social change in Russia by educating a new generation of economists and inspiring new ideas in the public and private sectors. In the past decades, the university has rapidly grown from an economics school into a well-renowned research university that now has more than 31,000 students and 4,000 faculty members on campuses in four of Russia’s most important cities. The university boasts some of the country’s finest academic departments and research centers in economics, management, sociology, public policy and computer science. HSE is home to the most cutting-edge programs and faculties in Russia, which include the country’s first Urban Studies department. In 2014, in partnership with Russia’s leading internet company Yandex, the university opened the Faculty of Computer Science to train future generations of computer programmers and engineers. International Since its very beginning, HSE has been an internationally-driven university. It now has partnerships with more than 130 universities and research organizations, in the form of exchanges, double degree programmes and summer schools. The university’s faculty and research operations have become increasingly international and its students now represent more than 60 different countries. Diverse HSE offers the largest number of English-taught Master’s programmes in Russia. These programmes range from public policy to business to area studies and all prepare students to become leaders in their chosen fields. In order to attract the best students, merit-based scholarships and stipends are awarded to qualifying candidates. Our faculty, researchers, and students represent over 50 countries, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest academic standards. Our newly-adopted structural reforms support HSE’s drive to internationalize and the ground-breaking research of our faculty, researchers, and students. Now a dynamic university with four campuses, HSE is a leader in combining Russian education traditions with the best international teaching and research practices. HSE offers outstanding educational programmes from secondary school to postgraduate studies, with top departments and research centres in a number of international fields. [-]

International Institute Of Management LINK

Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Khabarovsk Ekaterinburg Astrakhan Chelyabinsk Kazan Novosibirsk Samara Tyumen Ufa Voronezh Krasnoyarsk Volgograd Ukraine Kiev Donetsk Kharkiv September 2018 + 14 more

LINK offers: A set of study programmes in management, marketing, economics, finances and English language. Prestigious British Diplomas and Russian State Diplomas within single educational programmes. Partnership aimed to establish, in cities and organisations, study centres providing tuition through distance technology. Training of leadership teams capable to improve operation of their organisations. What is specific to studying with LINK Integrated educational… [+] programmes. LINK uses internationally acknowledged programmes and technologies which meet also Russian state standards. Given successful completion of the programme of the Open University, LINK students are awarded the OU Professional Certificates or Diplomas; on studying some more subjects according to Russian standard, they are awarded Russian state Diploma of higher education in management. Active distance learning. Widely used are active learning components such as business games, in-group discussions, training, interactive study materials. All the above allow students to shorten time required to master the programmes and provide a real opportunity for leaders to study without interrupting their business. International level. LINK teaches internationally acknowledged programmes, students who successfully complete them are awarded British Diplomas and Certificates. Relevance to job. This is realized due to study being based on real students' job situations. Quality standards. A quality standards system is developed to support single norms of tuition and students' knowledge. It includes tutor monitoring procedures, co-ordination, statistics procedures, etc. Study materials. Students own the full set of unique study materials required to learn the course. [-]

EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

Russia Moscow Nizhny Novgorod Russia Online Ukraine Kiev Belarus Minsk Kazakhstan Almaty September 2018 + 5 more

About EMAS Business School Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) is one of the leading business schools, the expert in strategic management and MBA programs in Europe, Russia and CIS countries. EMAS Business School offices are open in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. For our students we offer 3 types of educational programs: face-to-face, blended and 100% online. What really helps us to stand out from other business schools? EMAS is one of the strongest… [+] experts in strategic management in the World - the key competence for successful top managers and business owners. We are one of the few in the world who have developed a unique online strategy development platform based on own strategic management methodology. EMAS has developed this tool together with LAD group. Except for EMAS, only few companies in the World have similar IT tools We consult other business schools how to teach strategic management. There are a number of business schools worldwide that buy a license from us to deliver EMAS Strategic Management programs We regularly enhance our competences by being involved in complicated consulting projects. We are deeply involved in business practice through consulting and developing business strategy for real companies - no matter whether they are small, medium or large Our positions in Business Education rankings ТОP-25 among the best МВА programs in Central and Eastern Europe according to the World Best Masters Ranking ТОP-60 among the best МВА programs in Europe according to the World Best Masters Ranking ТОP-200 among the best MBA programs worldwide according to the World Best Masters Ranking EMAS comes 6th among Business Schools with face-to-face MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS comes 1st among Business Schools with online MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS comes 2nd among Business Schools with blended MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS programs are ТОP-3 MBA programs content, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking [-]

Moscow State Institute Of International Relations, MGIMO

Russia Moscow Italy Macerata United Kingdom Saint Andrews France Nancy Spain Marbella Milan USA Monterey Paris Rome Reading Switzerland Geneva September 2018 + 13 more

Seven Reasons to Join MGIMO is the best Russian university for international students who are interested in studying foreign affairs. Its courses are modern, exciting and intellectually challenging. The University offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs — from international law, political science, and economics, to journalism, business management, and energy policy. MGIMO is also committed to fostering an ever-evolving student body, curriculum, a… [+] nd campus life that continues to reflect its reputation as the most advanced place in Russia for understanding foreign affairs. TRULY GLOBAL MGIMO was the first in Russia to join the European Universities Association, to fully integrate into the Bologna process, spelling out strict standards for European educational institutions. The University has been a Russian home for students from around the world for nearly 60 years, providing more than 6,000 international graduates the education to flourish as leaders in private and public sectors. In addition, MGIMO has close ties with the world’s leading educational centers, across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. RICH IN COURSES MGIMO provides tuition for Bachelor and Master degree programs recognized around the world, with students gaining qualifications which are the keys to employment and academic opportunities internationally. When it comes to providing students with a context for understanding the contemporary world – be it through diplomacy, public administration, business, economics, law or journalism, not to mention the 53 languages it teaches each term – MGIMO is unique. RICH IN ACADEMIC STAFF MGIMO incorporates the best aspects of a classical university with those of a research center. This approach provides students with close access to more than 1200 faculty members, including 20 full members and members of the renowned Russian Academy of Sciences, a further 113 with senior doctorate degree and 400 Ph.D. MGIMO’s academia always takes pride in its students. HIGHLY COLLABORATIVE MGIMO community is traditionally welcoming to foreign students. Moreover, the University is constantly expanding its partnership network. Today MGIMO is successfully cooperating with more than 170 universities and institutions from more than 50 countries. We are able to offer programs that are taught in English full-time. The students may also choose from a wide range of dual-degree programs thus gaining two diplomas in their field of study. RENOWNED FOR RESEARCH MGIMO consistently ranks highly in university ratings. «2015 Global Go To Think Tank» report issued by University of Pennsylvania represented MGIMO among worldwide research leaders, e.g. № 30 in Think Tanks with the Most Significant Impact on Public Policy and № 12 in Top Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MGIMO is an esteemed policy think-tank and forum for debate and analysis of international developments and current affairs, with its contributions to global analysis highly sought after. SIMPLY EXCELLENT The University is renowned for its academic excellence, meaning the brightest of Russia’s future leaders are studying there now, with an increasing number of their counterparts from abroad. Each year Russia’s best high school graduates compete for enrollment. At some programs – especially economics, law, and international relations – the contest reaches up to 50 applicants per student’s position. MGIMO alumni community represents presidents, prime ministers, a few UN Deputies Secretary-General, the UNESCO Director-General, the OSCE Chairman, EU Commissioners, over 900 Russian and foreign ambassadors, 10 ministers of foreign affairs, over 30 fellows of the Russian and foreign academies of sciences. JUST GREAT MGIMO offers its students the broadest opportunities for creative self-accomplishment. Various student organiza­tions fill the calendar with additional social and sport events. Of course, MGIMO is in Moscow, one of the world’s great cities, with an array of cultural and historical treasures, vibrant cul­ture and dazzling lifestyle events. It offers easy access to the diversity and energy of contem­porary Russia, and its epic cultural heritage. MGIMO is a wonderful life experience for in­ternational students. [-]

Saint Petersburg State University

MLS Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Our University Founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg University was to become the first institution of higher education in Russia. SPbU is a leading Russian university with teaching and research excellence ranked among the world’s top universities. We are open to cooperation and enjoy strong ties with the international research and academic community. SPbU scientists work in almost all fields of knowledge, providing expertise and consultation in close c… [+] ollaboration with Russian and international partners. Many outstanding scholars have been a part of the SPbU community, including nine Nobel Prize winners: the physiologist Ivan Pavlov, biologist Ilya Mechnikov, physicist and chemist Nikolay Semyonov, physicists Lev Landau and Aleksandr Prokhorov, philosopher and economist Wassily Leontief as well as mathematician and economist Leonid Kantorovich. Among University alumni are the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovskiy, President of the Russian Academy of Education Liudmila Verbitskaya, mathematicians Grigoriy Perelman and Sergey Smirnov as well as many others. St. Petersburg University Today 30,000 students 6,000 staff members 85 bachelor and specialist degree programmes 172 master studies 49 doctoral studies international students from over 70 countries over 3 000 international students on degree and non-degree programmes more then 400 partner universities the best university Research Park in Russia 6,900,000 books in the collection of the University Research Library diploma issued in Russian and English 12,800 places in the halls of residence Education Benefits active student participation in the educational process the best realization of a student’s individual potential ECTS – European Credit Transfer System academic disciplines are designed according to the modular principle student exchange programmes with partner universities internships and work placements at leading Russian and international companies access to unique research facilities, technology and full-text electronic databases modern educational technologies state-of-the-art research equipment state scholarships for the best selected international applicants (free tuition and discounted accommodation) on-line application at the SPbU website – opportunity to master Russian at the Institute of the Russian Language and Culture   International Cooperation SPbU accepts more than 3000 international students annually on various degree and non-degree programmes. SPbU has more than 400 partner universities in about 70 countries — China, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Brazil. More than 25 international summer and winter schools are held at SPbU annually. SPbU is a member of a number of  international associations and student exchange programmes and internships: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program, Santander Universities, TEMPUS, and many others. SPbU has long-term cooperation agreements with IBM, Carl Zeiss, Microsoft, Leica, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Adobe and many other leading  international companies. SPbU’s education is highly valued on the international market. Our graduates are employed by the best Russian and international companies. The University’s close cooperation with leading firms gives graduates an opportunity to choose the best employers. International cooperation with universities worldwide provides our academic staff and students access to numerous research and study opportunities. Students and researchers benefit from international cooperation, enabling them to share experience and keep abreast of the latest advancements in global science. Ties between scientific communities are the strongest in the world and SPbU takes pride in being a part of that. Science & Research at SPbU Our scientists conduct research in almost all fields of knowledge, provide expertise and consulting, and enjoy close ties with Russian and international partners. The results of the research are reported in high-impact international journals. Priority research areas: nanotechnology and materials science biomedicine and human health information systems and technology ecology and nature management social research and technologies human resource management and technologies SPbU has cutting-edge research facilities — a state-of-the-art Research Park with 26 resource centres. Research centres are open for students to carry out laboratory work as part of main educational programmes and conduct research in preparation of graduate projects and theses. Over the last five years SPbU has established 20 new research laboratories. [-]

Samara National Research University

Russia Samara September 2018

Samara National Research University is one of the leading Russian universities, highly-regarded not only in Russia but abroad. Samara University trains specialists in rocket and space engineering, aviation, radio electronics, metallurgy, the automotive industry, the information-and-communication industry, and other fields. Its student body includes students from Russia, other CIS countries, countries of Western Europe, South America, China, Southeast Asia and Africa.… [+] Every student here can find a major for him- or herself and is on his way to a prestigious degree. University graduates are awarded state diplomas as specialists, bachelors and masters. The university is among the country’s leading federal and regional innovative education institutions. SSAU Nowadays Today, the University provides education in 110 major programmes and 6 minor programmes. The University is home to 9 Doctor and Grand Doctor Dissertation Councils. The University’s faculty includes 5 members and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, around 100 members and corresponding members of the Public Academy of Sciences, 53 winners of Lenin, State and other prizes. 75 faculty members hold state awards, and 70 have received distinguished lifetime service awards. Teaching staff includes 1400 professors and lecturers. Internships for university students are organised at 57 enterprises in aerospace and other industries in the region and across the country. SSAU students are awarded stipends on an annual basis by different enterprises. In 2006, as part of the Priority National Project on Education, the University won the national contest among universities working on innovative educational programmes with its project “Development of the Centre of Competencies and Training World-Class Experts in Aerospace and Geoinformation Technologies.” In 2009, the University became one of 14 higher education institutions in Russia to be awarded the status of National Research University. In 2013, Samara University became one of 15 leading Russian universities implementing competitiveness development programmes for leading international science and education centres. In 2015, Samara State University was joined to Samara State Aerospace University thus greatly increasing the number of educational programs. Samara University has been recognised as the key university for the aerospace cluster of Samara Region. The University cooperates with science centres and corporations in the Russian aerospace industry. Over the past decade, the University has continued blending research and educational activities. Many years of tradition, authoritative science schools and resources allow the University to remain one of the leading educational and research institutions of Russia, participate in state and regional science and technology programmes, and foster international cooperation. Over the long years of its history, the University has trained more than 50,000 highly-qualified experts, many of whom have become renowned scholars, designers and managers, prominent public and government figures. Over the past fifty years, almost all heads of aerospace institutions in Samara Region were and are graduates of KuAI and SSAU. The University is proud of its alumni! The Structure of the University includes: Faculties (including 56 chairs with laboratories and offices): Aircraft Construction, Aircraft Engine Design, Air Transport Engineers, Industrial Engineering, Radio Engineering, Informational Science, Economics and Management, Base Preparation and Fundamental Sciences and Correspondence Education; now9Alexander Lazutkin, Pilot-astronaut, is a frequent guest at SSAU. yyy Institutions: Institute of Supplementary Professional Education, Printing Institute; The research library stocked with over 1 million books and electronic resources; Research institutes: Research Institute of Machine Acoustics, Research Institute of Airframe constructions, Research Institute of Instrument-making, Research Institute of Technologies and Quality Problems, Research Institute of System Designing; Air Transport and Aviation Technical College; 35 research laboratories and centers; Training airfield; Center of the History of aircraft engines named after N.D. Kuznetsov; it is an educational and scientific-technical center which is included into the All-Russian Museum Register. The world's largest collection of Russian gas turbine engines is assembled here, the bank of the implemented engineering experience in the field of aviation gas turbine engine. Intercollegiate media center with supercomputer; The center for receiving and processing space information; Inter-department educational and research center of CAM-technologies; Public museum of aviation and cosmonautics; Health and fitness centers; Halls of residence for students and the hotel; The University has 9 dissertation councils for doctoral and master's theses. [-]

Innopolis University

Russia Kazan September 2018

ABOUT UNIVERSITY Innopolis University is a Russian higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics. EDUCATION The educational process at Innopolis University is based on the best international programs and Russian teaching methodologies. Students benefit from integration of famous Russian traditions of fundamental science and best international practices. Specific focus area allows Innopolis University to involve industry experts… [+] in the educational process, thus keeping programs up-to-date. Participation of experts helps students acquire professional and real-world knowledge and skills. Over 40% of the academic programs is devoted to practical activities in the form of team projects. Students do their internship and projects in partner-companies of the University. This help them to gain valuable experience and start working there upon graduation immediately. Innopolis University employs professors and researchers who received their degrees from or worked in the world's leading universities: Carnegie Mellon University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Republic of Korea), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), EURECOM (France) etc. 80 faculty members from all over the world are teaching in Innopolis University. All undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in English. Innopolis University is engaged in projects and partnerships all over the world. Innopolis University promotes international academic exchange and develops a solid network of partner universities. Academic exchange is a unique opportunity to spend a part of a study program at one of the world’s universities. This is a great chance, and not only in terms of education: exchange promotes global collaboration and intercultural understanding. In the world that turns to become cosmopolitan, it is important to have an international background. Academic exchange is an improving, life-changing experience. Research Innopolis University develops a global network of academic partners in order to integrate famous Russian traditions of basic science and best international practices, create and support a high quality system of education and research, and comply with international standards. Students and graduates of Innopolis University are involved in cutting-edge research and development under supervision of reputed professors and experienced researchers considering the demands of our industry partners. Programs of Innopolis University foresee intensive combination of fundamental and practical courses, and internships in companies starting from the very beginning of studies. University offers a high-quality IT education for young specialists and development engineers in the following programs: Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Sciences, and Robotics. The curriculums were designed in close collaboration with leading world partner universities. Due to internationalization strategy Innopolis University trains the world-class specialists, create and commercialize break-through technologies, and contributes to the growth of knowledge in the world. The most research activities of the University are conducted by the initiative of industry representatives. The success of these studies is confirmed by the fact that a significant share of the budget comes from industrial partners. Moreover, professionals from different sectors are involved for the research implementation, which makes them cross disciplinary. 13 laboratories are in operation now in Innopolis University. COOPERATION Innopolis University integrates science, education and business. Innopolis University was established for the benefit of industry. Partner companies are involved in development and adjustment of academic programs, determination of research areas, selection of students, internships and employment of our graduates. Key areas of academic cooperation include joint development and delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, joint research, faculty training, academic exchange (faculty and students) and organization of events of common interest. Innopolis University collaborates with a number of highly reputed institutions from Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and other countries. Innopolis University cooperates intensively with high-tech companies operating in the field of IT by involving them in our educational activities and initiatives. The aim of cooperation is the synergy of Russian traditions and international experience, training of world-class specialists, creation and commercialization of break-through technologies and contributing to the growth of knowledge. LIFE RICH IN EVENTS Infrastructure Convenient classrooms for lectures and teamwork help our students to focus on their studies. In the sports complex with a swimming pool, gym and sports facilities they can attend group and individual training under the supervision of coaches. Spacious rooms of the four campus buildings are equipped with all necessary items for a comfortable living. Events The daily routine at Innopolis University is full of interesting events. The University hosts festivals, conferences, open lectures given by representatives of the high-tech industry on a regular basis. SCHOLARSHIP University Innopolis offers scholarships covering 100% of the tuition fee and monthly allowance. [-]

Samara State Technical University

Russia Samara September 2018

Established in 1914 Samara State Technical University is committed to the purity of science, research and innovation. Samara State Technical University is one of the oldest universities in the Volga region. It has a very long and rich history. SSTU nowadays is the biggest research and educational center of the region. We prepare specialists in the following fields: energy, oil and gas, chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, transportation, food production,… [+] defense industry, information technology, mechanical and automotive engineering, engineering systems administration and automation, material science and metallurgy, biotechnology, industrial ecology, architecture, civil engineering, and design. The University is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to implement the educational activity in the field of higher education (License № 1938 from 17 February 2016). The University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (State Accreditation Certificate № 1676 from 22 January 2016). University alumni successfully put into practice acquired knowledge. SSTU graduates are highly valued at the labour market. Our university alumni hold positions of Samara enterprises and organizations administration. There are 10 faculties at the University: Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Technology, Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering, Engineering Economics, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Food Production Technologies, Automation and Information Technology, Humanities and also Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute. Education is conducted in 24 integrated groups of specialties and areas of training (about 70 degree programs including Bachelor, Master Programs and 20 PhD Programs). More than 21 thousand of students study at the university. There are 1472 members of teaching staff including 778 professors with PhD degrees and 200 Doctors of Science. All the degrees offered have been designed to provide students with professional knowledge and skills. All the programs aim towards the development of theoretical and practical skills. SSTU’s educational, scientific and social infrastructure is quite developed. Nowadays the University embraces 3 main campuses, 17 educational buildings, 8 dormitories, more than 50 research centers, 2 sport complexes and 3 recreation centres. More than 1250 students live in university dormitories which are situated in the center of the city and equipped with everything needed for students’ life. Scientific and educational efficiency of our university and positive dynamics in the Russian rankings prove the sustainable growth of SSTU. In the National University Ranking “INTERFAX” in 2016 SSTU took the 65th place out of 238 Russian universities. Within Top-100 Russian universities ranking held by RAEX our university is on the 52nd position. As far as the international rankings are concerned, SSTU has participated in four rankings and has achieved quite impressive results in 2016: Academic Ranking of World Universities European Standard (ARES) – we rank №55 out of total 173, Webometrics Ranking of World Universities (70 out of 1417), University Web Ranking 4 International Colleges & Universities (80 out of 386), QS University Rankings: EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) - our position is ranked 151-200. [-]

South Ural State University

Russia Chelyabinsk September 2018

South Ural State University is the center for educational, scientific, cultural and athletic activities in the city Chelyabinsk and the region. Founded in 1943 as Chelyabinsk Mechanical Engineering Institute, the university was reorganized into Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute in 1951, and in 1990 it became the Chelyabinsk State Technical University. Since 1997, the university is known as South Ural State University. In 2010 it was assigned the status as a National Research… [+] University. The university is ranked as one of the top 10 among 96 Russian universities according to the rating compiled by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It is also a member of Russian universities’ Alpha League, which is a top part of the rating among all universities of the country. Today, South Ural State University is comprised of 32 faculties and 142 departments located in Chelyabinsk, in addition to 2 branches in other cities. The structure of the university also includes four secondary vocational education institutions, military education and college preparatory faculties, two special faculties of professional development and skill upgrading for university degree specialists, an Institute of International Education, a Continuing Education Institute and a Open and Distance Education Institute. University together with its branches numbers around 50 000 students (full-time, part-time and evening education combined). Educational process in the university with its branches is supported by over 5000 lecturers and officers, including more than 360 professors, doctors of science, 1200 associate professors, candidates of science, 5 full members of The Russian Academy of Sciences, 9 corresponding members of RAS, 2 academicians and 4 corresponding members of other state academies, and over 170 members of foreign and Russian academies. Current university license allows South Ural State University to provide: 245 higher professional education programs (Specialist’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs); 37 secondary vocational education programs; 22 elementary vocational education programs. The university also offers postgraduate education programs in 86 academic majors, doctorate programs in 12 majors, and facilitates 18 dissertation committees that examine doctoral and candidate’s dissertations. College preparatory faculty is comprised of School of Mathematics and Physics and a center of education for gifted children. SUSU cooperates with over 20 schools and 10 technical schools. The university actively participates in a scientific and social program for youth and school students, “Step into the Future”. Upon the initiative of South Ural State University, the Russian association of the international program “Odyssey of the Mind” was created, and Chelyabinsk for many years has been representing our country in this association. University pays much attention to all types of internships and employment of graduates. Founded in 2005, the Department for Internships and Employment of Graduates supports the coordination of all university departments and business interactions and of the federal agency for education and employment services, offers methodological support for internships, conducts job market researches, and organizes the operations of faculty committees that facilitate employment of graduates.The university has concluded over 400 cooperation agreements with large-scale enterprises of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region. South Ural State University actively engages in scientific, research and project activities. The following organizations operate on the basis of the university: Radioelectronic and digital systems research institute, Institute of chemical problems of industrial ecology at Russian academy of natural sciences, "FESTO" Urlas Automation Center, the R&D manufacturing institute "Engineering and technology for education", Chelyabinsk research center at the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 Institutional Academic laboratories. Over 50 schools of thought have formed and now operate at the University. In 2010 SUSU was assigned with National Research University status. Development priorities of South Ural State University (National Research University) include: energy-saving in social services; efficient energy and resource use in metallurgy; energy-efficient and resource-efficient diesel engine manufacturing technologies for engineering and military engineering vehicles; resource-efficient development and operation technologies for fleet ballistic missiles; and supercomputing and grid computing technologies aimed at solving energy saving and resource saving problems. International Applicants Our university is a leader in the field of the higher education and balance many aspects such as rich traditions, wide popularity, and intellectual capacity. All of those things are merged to provide SUSU with a dynamic development in scientific, academic community and innovative fields and help to be a leader in training high-skilled specialists and carry out intensive scientific research. Being proud of our alumni we pay great attention to the work with our students, striving for high-educated persons we help them to release their full potential. We teach to set and achieve high aims, combining professional knowledge, ethics and honesty. We are sure you will be the one of our best alumni and will obtain all necessary abilities to build a distinguished career! [-]

Novosibirsk State University

LLM Russia Novosibirsk September 2018

Novosibirsk state university (Russia), located in the heart of Akademgorodok, world-famous research center of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Results of the research conducted by the university staff in the fields of nuclear physics, particle physics, biotechnology, the creation of nano-materials, laser systems of new generation, innovative methods of cancer treatment, are known all over the world. The main areas of training and research: Elementary… [+] particle physics, Photonics and Quantum Optics, Research of the Arctic, Cancer Therapy Innovation, Chemistry, Materials and Technologies, Genomic Technologies, Biomarkers and Social Behavior, Archeology. We are the 2nd best university in the QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia 2015. Quick facts 317 position in the main QS Ranking (NSU is among the top 2% of best universities in the world) 6000 students More than 100 scientific laboratories and research centers using advanced equipment More than 1000 international students from 37 countries 72 Russian-taught Master’s programs 15 English-taught Master’s programs 3 English-taught PhD programs 28 scientific internships for international students 29 international joint programs 132 partner universities from 29 countries [-]

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Why to study at ETU? ETU is a leading Russian educational and research center whose mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. As such, ETU tries to sustain, strengthen, and increase its competitiveness, and to ensure a continuously high level of education and research. LETI has traditionally high demands on high-grade vocational training. ETU “LETI” academic school is … [+] 130 years old and the level of professional training of university's graduates is traditionally high. LETI was the first to domesticate many worldwide scientific fields. The most significant scientific discoveries leading to technical advance belong to ETU “LETI”. More than 1000 academics including 125 Professors, 158 Doctors of Science, and near 560 Ph.D. scientists work for ETU. More than 30 members of national and international Academies of Sciences are among the ETU lecturers. Today the University mission as a center of education, science and culture is providing high professional level of preparation in the field of: Electronics Electro and Radio Engineering Information Technology Automation and Control Instrumentation Technology and Biomedical Engineering Human and Economic Sciences High competitive ability of our graduates on the world labour market Over 50 research teams and state-of-the-art laboratories carry out breakthrough fundamental and applied research in Radio Electronics, Radio Physics, Information and Telecommunications Systems, Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics and Quantum Electronics, Vacuum and Plasma Technology, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Technology, Biomedical Engineering etc. The campus consists of eight buildings constructed by well-known architects. Spacious lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories are situated in these buildings. In reading-halls of the University library students have free access to world electronic information resources. A high competitiveness of ETU graduates in the modern labour market and their confidence in a stable career growth are soundly based on the excellent wide theoretical and practical knowledge and business skills. LETI has a lot of experience in preparing specialists for foreign countries. International students have been taught at ETU for more than 60 years. 3550 engineers, Bachelors and Masters, 370 Ph.D. and Doctors of Sciences working in 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have already graduated from the University. The education is carried out on different levels: Bachelor’s degree (4 years), Master’s degree (2 years), integrated degree (5,5 years), Ph.D. studies (4 years). International students can study either at the expense of the Russian federal budget in accordance with international agreements or on the contract basis. The language of instruction is Russian. The University offers a number of Master programs in English. International students willing to learn Russian and improve their knowledge of technical subjects have an opportunity to attend foundation courses. The university is developing new educational programs in collaboration with European, Chinese, American and Ukrainian universities. About Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University is a leading Russian educational and research center. The University successfully collaborates with world known universities, research centers and industrial companies. Among strategic partners of ETU are more than 40 Russian leading industrial and research entities, as well as a number of leading companies in Europe and Asia. ETU hosts 5 scientific research institutes. More than 50 scientific groups and laboratories carry out research at ETU. Being the first established in Russia, the Technopark of ETU provides services for 33 small innovative enterprises. A major modernization resulted in a significant increase of the University R&D budget in 2007-2012, amounting to more than 20M EUR last year. The University offers a wide range of educational courses of different levels. Our friendly environment ensures that students get the best out of their abilities. Services Social assistance for students All International students in ETU “LETI” get a place in a student dormitory, health insurance and care, a reduced fare transport ticket. There are also psychologists and legal experts who can help students. International Students Office supervises International students. Conveniences and safety Our university campus is compact and has developed infrastructure (Services). It is located in a quiet district of the city near Botanic garden, banks of the Neva river and Karpovka river. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and belongs to the historic center of St. Petersburg – cultural capital of Russia. Intellectual potential of our city is huge and its culture is multinational and tolerant. All these things make studying at ETU “LETI” comfortable, safe, enjoyable and give students an opportunity of personal growth. Accomodation and Catering While studying at LETI, all International students can get a place in one of seven University dormitories. They are all located close to the metro stations. Students who live in dormitories are registered at the address of the dormitory. Registration is obligatory for International students according to the law of the Russian Federation. International students are entitled to live outside of a dormitory. In this case they will be registered at the legal address of ETU “LETI”. LETI has the biggest net of university cafes in Saint Petersburg. Here one can find cafeterias and canteens with wide variety of food and drinks. Students can get a snack or some substantial food in all academic buildings. Set meals and lunches, fresh salads, soups, fresh-baked pastry, Russian pancakes can be found on the menu. Wide variety of the buffet's menu can satisfy even the real gourmet. Food is always fresh and healthy. Prices are reasonable. Student life University years are the best years in the person's life. This is the time of various opportunities, making first serious plans and setting goals. This is the time when students start to understand how to make their ideas real. But student life is not only about lectures, seminars, exams and marks. Students' leisure is full of diverse and interesting activities. For those who are full of energy the University can offer a wide variety of sport classes. Department of Physical Education and Sports welcomes you to Electrotechnical University "LETI". The department has the broad overall responsibility of providing sporting and recreational opportunities and activities which contribute to the health, well-being and education of the students. ETU Cultural Center is a place for the most active, talented and creative young people. It regularly organises entertaining programs and shows for all University events. Members of ETU CC participate in awarding ceremonies, choir concerts, festival "Step to the stage", etc. The most successful ones represent University at different festivals and competitions. Public events are held at University assembly hall (seats 375 people), video-conference hall (seats 150 people) and banqueting room. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to join clubs and sections of ETU CC which are all free-of-charge! [-]

Far Eastern Federal University

LLM Russia Vladivostok September 2018

Dear Friends, We are excited to welcome you at the website of Far Eastern Federal University, one of the leading federal universities of Russia. FEFU is the bearer of traditions of the Russian classical culture, science and education. Far Eastern Federal University has its origins in 1899 at the time when the Oriental Institute was founded in Vladivostok. Today FEFU is the only classical university in Eastern Russia. In incorporates Schools with generations-old traditions… [+] and areas of research that form the core of our intellectual base. One of the FEFU’s advantages is its geographic location in the center of the Asia Pacific region, which is now one of the most dynamically developing parts of the world. This place is the second pole of a world civilization, which includes the leading counties of the globe, such as China, the United States, Japan, India and many world-famed metropolitan cities, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul. Being a link or a cultural bridge between Russia and this part of the world remains one of the FEFU’s main objectives. This is the reason why our University is not only a pathway to your professional future, but also a road into the future of the entire country, where all motivated, hardworking and talented young people will find their rightful places! We are sure that through combining our endeavors we shall be able to achieve our shared objectives. Welcome to FEFU! [-]

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration - Institute Of Business Studies

Russia Moscow September 2018

About us Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) Since its inception Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) within RANEPA has been a leader in the Russian business education market. IBS-Moscow is a collegiate business school operating an RANEPA’s premises in Moscow. IBS-Moscow was founded in 1988 within the Moscow State University of International Relations nationally known for strong international expertise. In 1994, IBS-Moscow transferred to RANEPA and became i… [+] ts homogeneous structural unit. A combination of the international expertise of the Moscow State University of International Relations and RANEPA’s rich experience in preparing capable managers and executives has contributed to the broad recognition of IBS-Moscow in Russia and CIS countries. As a collegiate business school and RANEPA’s structural unit, we have access to the human and material resources required to ensure the high quality of our learning programmes. IBS-Moscow has provided educational services to a total of over 19,000 students and managers from Russia and CIS countries. Nearly 4,000 of our graduates are active members of IBS-Moscow Alumni Association. All our degree programmes are Russian government-accredited. Our part-time MBA and EMBA programmes are accredited by the Association of Masters in Business Administration (AMBA International), and our Master of Science in International Management programme is accredited by EPAS EFMD. Our Mission is to form, educate and advance the new generation of a socially responsible entrepreneurial and managerial elite, able to form a core for the civil society of Russia. The oldest and most reputable business-school in Russia Founded in 1988. The leader of Russian business-schools rankings. Market-oriented business school (85% of the programs are open programs). Prestigious international and national accreditation. One of the biggest schools of RANEPA 4 departments, 7 chairs, 4 centers, over 20 programs, 13 double-degree programs. IBS has over 2000 students, 200 faculty members and 15000 alumni. International and National recognition All EMBA and MBA program of IBS have the international accreditation of AMBA International and National Accreditation Council for Management and Business education (NACBME), are at top positions in business schools rankings. IBS is at the top of business school rankings Eduniversal Ranking: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. Russian national business schools ranking: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012. 120 IBS graduates and faculty are included in the “ТОП-1000 Russian managers” list. In the internal RANEPA rating IBS in the top group of RANEPA business schools, and its EMBA and MBA programs have the highest rating of 6 stars. A complete cycle of undergraduate and postgraduate programs From bachelor programs to executive education. The total number of students and participants at the bachelor, master, МВА, Executive МВА, and professional retraining programs exceeds 2000. Change, but stay true to yourself The key factor that ensures IBS’s leading positions is the ability to change, at the same time staying true to itself - adapt to the changing environment of the educational market, keeping up the best traditions and high quality of its programs. The academic consultant for MBA programs of IBS is Ichak Adizes, one of the world’s leading experts in leadership and management. Over 15 000 alumni IBS Alumni association was created to facilitate communication and cooperation with and between alumni. Today IBS alumni association unites highly qualified Russian leaders, managers and professionals, that have graduated from IBS since 1988. Market-oriented business-school IBS postgraduate programs boast close relations with leading companies, who also contribute to consulting and research projects. This allows IBS to immediately identify new trends and stay tuned to the demands of the market. IBS is primarily oriented at middle and large businesses, that form the basis of Russia’s civil society. IBS programs are highly regarded by Russian market-oriented businesses (85% of IBS students come from the open market). Ratings and rankings Rating Eduniversal TOP Business School Since 2105 IBS has been ranked in the 4 palms of Excellence category TOP Business School. Eduniversal EMBA According to Eduniversal rating agency in 2015-2016 IBS programs are among the world’s best programs. For five successive years IBS Executive MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership has been ranked among the Top-10 EMBA programs in Eastern Europe. MBA was ranked among the Top- 10 MBA programs in Eastern Europe in 2015-2016 according to Eduniversal. Eduniversal Master in International management IBS Master in International Management was ranked No 6 in the Eduniversal Best Masters in Eastern Europe in 2015-2016 list. For five successive years IBS Master in International Management has been ranked among the Top- 10 Master programs in Eastern Europe. For five years in a row IBS has been at the top of Russia’s national business schools rating! For five years in a row IBS has been at the top of Russia’s national business schools rating. The Institute of Business Studies is at the top of rating charts in the “income increase” and “career advancement” categories. The national rating of Russian business schools is conducted by the Russian MBA Alumni League and a national-wide recruiting agency and was published by Izvestia newspaper in 2010-2014, Secret Firmy portal in 2015 and RBK news portal in 2016. Increase in personal income of IBS graduates is the fastest in Russia. According to independent studies of a national-wide recruiting agency and Russian MBA Alumni League, an MBA degree contributes to considerable career advancement and personal income increase. IBS MBA degree is at the top of the rating list. IBS graduates’ personal income has increased on average by 96% within 2-4 years after graduation. The results of the study were published by,, and web portals. Rating of the Russian Managers’ Association "Top 1,000 Russian Managers" On an individual level, between 2001 and 2015, 131 IBS graduates and teachers were cited by the Russian Managers’ Association in their "Top 1,000 Russian Managers" reviews. This provides impartial evidence of the effectiveness of IBS programmes. IBS-Moscow is an active member of associations: AACSB International EFMD Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) General Mamagement Admition Council (GMAC) CEEMAN IBSA National Accreditation Council for Business and Management education (NACBME) Russian Association of business education (RABE) Russian Managers’ Association [-]

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was founded in 1899. Recently SPbPU became "National Research University", also known in Russia and abroad as Polytechnic Institute — a recognized Russian and world-wide leader in the field of higher engineering and economic education. Currently it also remains at the leading positions in the rating of Russian engineering higher educational institutions. The Polytechnic University is based on a compact park-like campus in … [+] the residential north-west district of St. Petersburg. A greater part of the campus is a large park with large number of university buildings scattered around it.  At the present time in SPbPU there are 30000+ students and postgraduates, more than 5000 of them are foreign citizens from 98 countries who annually study at different SPbPU programs. The University is carrying out education in the following areas: engineering, physics, economics, humanities and information technologies. The University trains specialists in 52 Bachelor Degree programs and 154 Master Degree programs, 92 PhD programs and 90 Doctorate programs. In addition, in SPbPU there are a number of non-degree and international educational programs. In 2007 SPbPU won a contest "Innovation University" financed in the framework of the national project "Education". In 2010 SPbPU gained the status "National Research University". Nowadays SPbPU develops as a new type research university, which integrates multidisciplinary R&D activities and advanced technologies for rising national economics competitiveness. The University is proud of its longstanding traditions of international cooperation with many foreign educational institutions, research organizations and industrial companies in the field of education and science. Among the University partners there are more than 300 universities from 68 countries, 131 scientific and research institutions and 172 companies from over 55 countries. In the University there are more than 40 Research and education centers that are carrying out joint research together with the companies Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Siemens, LG "Electronics", Apple Macintosh and others. Today the Polytechnical University structure includes: 11 Institutes and Graduate school of biotechnology and food science More than 100 departments and 120 R&E laboratories Research centers, innovation laboratories, science park Fundamental library — one of the largest scientific and technical libraries in Russia International Student campus Medical center Modern sports center University Accommodation (23 dormitories) Concert halls etc. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University presents its International Master Degree Programmes. These programmes are fully delivered in English by world class professors from SPbPU and other Russian and foreign universities. They provide unique opportunities for international mobility in leading European universities. We organize practical trainings and internships for our students in well-known companies. Key Advantages Wide-range of subject areas Combination of fundamental preparation and practical studies Opportunities for international mobility – semester abroad at academic partners of SPbPU Double degree options World-class professors from SPbPU and leading European universities Future successful career in top executive positions with companies operating in the global market Scholarships for best international and Russian students Comfortable student dormitories and eventful student life  Studying at the one of the most beautiful city in the world The Polytechnic University is a large community - it provides a wide range of social, cultural, recreational and up-to-date on-campus facilities for its students and staff. These are available for all those who would wish to indulge in corporate life of the University in accordance with their personal concerns. Be it sports, music, dancing, acting, or whatever - you can find facilities and people to share your interests. Those who take part in corporate life derive great benefit from it while in the University and in later years: friendships made on this friendly campus can last a lifetime. International Master Degree Programmes have three main focuses: Engineering Natural Sciences Economics & Management Please have a look at the programs offered. [-]

Saratov Socio-Economic Institute

Russia Saratov September 2018

Saratov Socio-Economic Institute of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is the legal successor of the Saratov State Socio-Economic University. The process of unification of federal and regional universities with further subsequent addition of the Saratov Institute of the Russian Trade and Economic University had ended in 2014. Graduates receive diplomas of the Moscow University, and the quality and practical value of knowledge is ensured with long experience of personnel… [+] training by Saratov Socio-Economic Institute. Nowadays the Institute is focused on professional training, retraining and further professional skills development in the field of economics and management. The Institute currently comprises 6 faculties, 27 departments, as well as Master’s, post-graduate and doctorate department, College of Economics and Finance, Mounting College, Training Center. The Institute implements 8 programs of secondary professional education, 89 higher education programs, 26 master's degree programs, 16 training programs for academic staff. A stable system of continuing education is built in the Institute. The beginning of economic education can be considered as pre-university training and professional guidance of schoolchildren, which allows them to pass successfully the Unified State Examination and obtain general secondary, professional higher education on Bachelor's, Master's and Specialist’s level. Much attention is paid to the development of Master’s level education, the amount of the proposed master's programs is increasing and its practical orientation is constantly updated and strengthened. There is a possibility for continuing education on postgraduate study and scientific staff has the opportunity to obtain higher qualifications on doctoral studies. Faculty of additional professional education implements educational programs of retraining and professional development. In addition, the Institute is focused on the provision of additional educational services to popular professions, as well as training programs for staff and training for higher qualification. Among the unique programs applicants can choose the project «Master of Business Administration» (MBA) which has international accreditation and a social project «University of the older generation» is fulfilled, in which every year retirees of Saratov region are trained. A special place in the activities of the Institute is given to the control of the quality of education. The decisive role in this process is creating conditions for efficient studying and obtaining knowledge at all levels of study, including high-quality organization of the state final certification of graduates. All this allows the Institute to prepare highly qualified specialists. International activities International activity has always been among areas of priority in Saratov Socio-Economic Institute, strengthening its position in the international scientific and educational space. The Institute develops cooperation with foreign partners in the educational, scientific and cultural spheres. Work of the Institute with partners fr om foreign countries is based on the concept and development program of the international activities. International activity of the Institute today is: 30 partner universities and organizations fr om Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and CIS countries; academic mobility; internships and practice in foreign companies; short-term English-taught educational courses in the Institute or abroad; international summer and winter schools, trainings, joint seminars, conferences and other international events; scientific projects in cooperation with leading foreign universities-partners; double degree program providing for the issue of a state diploma of leading foreign universities; promotion of educational programs in the foreign market. For many years, the Institute develops and strengthens cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in Europe and Asia. In the framework of agreements with the partner universities, the Institute invites lecturers from different countries of the world, holds events with international participation: conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools, creating joint educational programs, exchanges of publications and finds new forms of interaction. International English-taught summer schools became tradition that involves students, lecturers and professors of the partner universities of the Institute. The participation of foreign students from partner universities on the basis of activities in SSEI gives students of our institute a chance to participate in the semester abroad programs, short-term programs and other events abroad. The Institute educates students from foreign countries, which enables learners to expand their horizons, exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to establish international contacts. The Institute has successfully participated and continues to participate in international educational programs and projects in collaboration with universities and organizations in different countries. A joint project with the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (Czech Republic), academic mobility project ERASMUS + International Credit Mobility. Russian-French program in Economics and Management for students from SSEI jointly with Grenoble Alpes University (Grenoble, France). Graduates of the program receive a bachelor degree diploma LICENCE. MBA program, accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management, graduates of the program receive a diploma «Postgraduate diploma in Business Administration» of the Institute of Commercial Management (UK) without additional examination procedures. Russian-Dutch training program for professional marketers (RIMA). Graduates are given double diploma of professional retraining in the field of marketing and of the passage of the basic marketing programs in Inholland University (Netherlands). Russian-German research project "Corruption prevention at the municipal level." Russian-German research project "Small and medium business support by the municipal state” Project TEMPUS ERAMIS «Double competence master’s program in Informatics” The project ERASMUS MUNDUS «FASTQUAD». The scientific sociological research project "New generation: hope, goals and ideals." We are always open for new projects and are ready to develop and create new joint programs. [-]

Kursk State Medical University

Russia Russia Online September 2018

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) occupies a prestigious level in teaching General Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English medium and in preparing international students. This occupancy shown as being the oldest medical university teaching in English medium in Russia and holding the highest number of international students from different nationality as in it spheres. Form and the contents of the educational process have changed, thus KSMU organized an up-to-date method… [+] such as instruction and knowledge assessment are being improved; multimedia lectures, the Centre for practical training, the Centre of quality management to name a few. The training is based on the application of the research results and innovative technologies, initiated by the Department for administration of innovative activity of the university. Principally new information and teaching environment promotes achievement of educational goals and improving the training quality of graduates. Over 9000 students study at the university faculties, while the number of applications exceeds the number of admitted by 2-4 times on average. General Information: Year of Establishment: 7th of February 1935 Type of institution: State (Sponsored by Federal Government Budget) Language of Training: Russian Medium or English Medium Total student population: About 9000 Students, made up of local and international students, undergraduates and postgraduates. International Students: 2550 international students from 57 countries Academic staff: 780 lecturers with 70% holding PhD degrees, 115 professors Recognized/Listed by: WHO, GMC, JPA, MMC & other international medical boards Tuition Fee: Fixed for the duration of 6 years Duration of the study: Pre-University (Pre-Medical) course - 10 to 12 months, Medical program - 6 years, Pharmacy and Dentistry programs - 5 years. Entrance dates: September/October intake, February/March intake Vibrant campus: KSMU located in the heart of the Kursk City, which make all facilities for international students within walking distance. KSMU is great place to study, make new friends, take part in sports and cultural activities/events or just relax in a diverse and welcoming environment. Student support and services: From immigration procedures to safety matters, KSMU Administration will help to ensure your learning and living experience in Kursk is as hassle-free as possible. Health insurance: All international students will be provided with an adequate health insurance, which is valid in Russia. Accommodation: Provided to all KSMU students. Airport Pick Up Service: One of the Administration’s staff will be at Moscow airport to meet new students and accompany them to KSMU. The University Representative: Trans Russian Co. the International Official Representative of KSMU since 1994. Courses for International Students KSMU was the first university in Russia to offer full medical degree training in English Medium. Under the English medium KSMU has the right to train specialists on the spheres of Pre-University (Pre-medical) course, Degree in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (M.D/undergraduate) and Post-Graduate education.   Student of Ordinary Level (or any equivalent). KSMU provides the opportunity for the students with O-Level qualifications or A-Level with low marks to proceed towards the Undergraduate program by enrolling onto the Pre-University (pre-medical) course joined with UK awarding Body in PRE-U Foundation Studies. The duration of this course 10 to 12 months and will prepare you for further studies at KSMU. The subject to be studied in the Pre-medical course English Medium: Russian Language Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics Student of Advance Level (or any equivalents) Applicants with A-Level education certificate may proceed to degree (undergraduate program) Medicine, Pharmacy or Stomatology (Dentistry) in English Medium. [-]

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Russia Moscow September 2018

Moscow State University Established in 1755 Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is the oldest and the most famous university in Russia. Today Moscow State University offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. More than 40,000 graduate and post-graduate students, and about 7,000 undergraduates study at the university, and over 5,000 specialists take MSU refresher courses each year. It is a centre of research science famous for its… [+] major scientific schools the university is to count 11 Nobel Prize winners among its professors and alumni. Moscow State University comprises 40 faculties and schools,15 research institutes, 23 scientific and applied centres, 4 museums, the Science Park, the Botanical Gardens, The Library, the University Publishing House and printing shop, a recreational centre and a boarding school for talented children. 8 dormitories housing over 12,000 students. Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (Lomonosov MSU BS) founded in 1989 in Moscow State University is one of the oldest business schools in Russia. Lomonosov MSU BS’s programmes (Bachelor of Management, Master in International Business, MBA, Executive MBA Programmes and Doctoral Programme (PhD) are designed to meet the most sophisticated needs of modern Russian and foreign students. Lomonosov MSU BS successfully integrates the traditional approach with new approaches that view teaching management as a contemporary art of doing business. Having strong connections with Russian business world, Lomonosov MSU BS also offers tailor-made corporate programmes. The ambition to be the best is rewarded by our graduates’ recognition – Lomonosov MSU BS was ranked #1 in Russia according to the surveys held by the leading business magazine "Secret Firmy" in 2007, 2008 and 2010. In 2011 Lomonosov MSU BS was named one of the “Best business school at Eastern Europe” by Eduniversal ranking. Lomonosov MSU BS is a leader in Russian management education, proud to be recognized by business and academic communities for: action-oriented graduates who embrace an enterprise perspective and lead with integrity, vision, judgment, ethical commitment and social responsibility; high-quality, outstanding student-centered teaching provided by dedicated full-time, associate and visiting international faculty using a variety of management education technologies, such as, case method, teamwork projects, state of the art business simulations and hands-on experience; integrated and innovative curriculum and course materials attuned to the lifelong learning needs of current and future business leaders; managerially relevant research in collaboration with our strategic partner, The Institute for Complex Strategic Studies (ICSS) mutually strengthening partnerships with Russian and international business organizations, government and civil society leaders that introduce Lomonosov MSU BS students to the real world of business. The mission of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School Lomonosov MSU BS trains students to become successful managers by opening up new international horizons to them and enhancing their competitiveness through development a modern vision, global thinking and behaviour that respects moral, ethical and legal standards. The second component of the MSU BS’s mission is the development and publication of high quality educational materials on the basis of scientific and applied research. The Lomonosov MSU BS`s goal is to bolster the art, theory and technology of business and management. By preparing strategically focused, skilful and ethical managers, the School contribute to the development of a civilized, competitive business reality in Russia and around the world.The Lomonosov MSU Business School is working to accomplish its mission and achieve its goal by providing students with the highest-quality management education possible, an education that fully aligned with international standards for quality assurance in higher education. LOMONOSOV MSU BS PATH TO SUCCESS Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSU BS) prepares highly qualified, ethically and strategically minded managers who can make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, take risk and bear responsibility, thus contributing to building a civilised business in Russia. Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSU BS) is one of the oldest business schools in Russia. Since its foundation in 1989 to the present day MSU BS strives for the continuous development and excellence. From year to year MSU BS occupies first places in the international and Russian business school rankings, indicating that business, students, alumni and the academic community highly appreciate the quality of education and the unique opportunities offered by the school. MSU BS is the co-founder of the association ABEST21 and an active participant of the leading international associations in the field of business and management, as well as the partner of the leading international business schools. In 2011, the MSU BS programme "Bachelor of management" was awarded a prestigious international accreditation EPAS (European Program Accreditation System), confirming the high quality and internationalisation of the programme, as well as the close ties of the educational process with business practice. Integrate. The path to success lies in partnerships Embrace Change. Change faster than the surroundings Strive to Develop. See growth as both a tool and a goal Push the Limits. Recognise opportunities where others see threats Aim for Student and Faculty Excellence. Succeed in the end but lay the foundation at the beginning Work as a Team. Create synergies Shape the Future Today. Ensure excellence tomorrow Aspire to the possibilities of the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow will soon be yesterday Seek Opportunities. Meaningful changes occur on the periphery of vision Differentiate. Create value and work towards success by daring to differ [-]

M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University

Russia Yakutsk September 2018

Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University is one of ten federal universities that are oriented at solving of geopolitical tasks, meeting personnel needs for large inter-regional investing projects. NEFU was officially established in April, 2010 on the basis of Ammosov Yakut State University, that has a 75-years old history. The University is named after M.K. Ammosov, a well-known political leader, who was one of the founders of the State system in Yakutia and Kyrgyzstan.… [+] Today NEFU is a diversified university possessing large capacity for training, education and research with the branches in Mirny, Neryungri and Anadyr (Chukotka). Every month 100 students have a possibility to get medical care at “Smena” student rest and recreation center. NEFU scientific library has a status of republican and inter-university library, it is a research and methodical center for other libraries and academic institutions. Its library stock has over 1300000 books. North-Eastern Federal University in Brief NEFU's total undergraduate student population number is about 17,358. 1,601 academic staff are currently employed at the University. Of these 209 hold doctor’s degree, 845 candidate of science degree. More than 500 students are engaged in postgraduate work. 13 Institutes, 5 faculties, 3 University branches in Mirny, Nerungry and Chukotka, 6 major research institutes. 119 degree courses are available to our students. The University occupies 40 buildings and 12 residence halls located mostly in the University campus. The accessible and convivial dimension of the campus makes students feel at home; international students are well integrated as it is easy to contact faculty, administration and other students. There are student canteens almost everywhere throughout the campus that propose different meals at an affordable price. There are 1 500,000 books, periodicals and other items in the University Library. Computer stations make up the University's library resources available to users throughout the campus. Moreover it has access to a reach database of electronic resources including both Russian and foreign periodicals (EBSCO, Science, JSTOR, Oxford University Press etc.) The University has Geology Field Station, Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, Botanical garden and Orangery open to staff and students’ research and study. The University has a Stadium, a Swimming Pool, a Social Centre. Our students and staff have free access to the Ethernet and Wi-Fi in all University buildings and Residence Hall NEFU was officially established in April 2010th on the basis of M. K. Ammosov Yakutsk State University, the university with 75 years history. The university was named after Maksim Kirovich Ammosov, an outstanding statesman, the son of the Yakut nation and one of the founders of Yakutia and Kyrgizstan statehood. There are 6 scientific research institutions such as the Institute of Mathematics, the Institute of Health, the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, the Institute of Regional Economy of the North, the Institute of A.E. Kulakovsky, certainly, the Institute of Olonkho. University priorities: New quality of the university Safeguarding of ecological security and effective reproduction of mineral and raw base; rational nature management Technology usage and production in the North Rise in living standards in the North Preservation and development of the Arctic nation culture [-]

Академия PwC

Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Kazan Ekaterinburg Novosibirsk Voronezh Rostov-on-Don September 2018 + 3 more

About Academy Licensed software (license of the Department of Education of the Government of Moscow) Workshops international experts and business gurus Practical case studies, using global experience and expertise of PwC Programs are carried out internally and remotely, in an open and corporate format Academy in figures In Russia since 2002 More than 4,000 students annually More than 70 training programs More than 50… [+] teachers and practitioners who have international professional qualifications 7 international professional qualification programs Training centers in the 8 largest cities of Russia Customers Academy PwC - 65% of companies included in the rating Expert-400. Tutorials PwC Academy: International professional qualifications: CIMA, CIA, ACCA, DipIFR, DipNRF, the CIPD, international certification in the field of business coaching (ICF, EMCC). Trainings for the leaders Management and Leadership effective communication management team coaching HR-Academy MBA-Intensive Seminars on strategy, finance, management corporate finances strategy, management accounting operational effectiveness corporate governance project management logistics seminars for managers IFRS Seminars, RAS, US GAAP, tax Seminars for Financial Institutions Preparation for the exam to obtain the certificate "Chief Accountant in the commercial organization [-]

Siberian Federal University

Russia Krasnoyarsk September 2018

One can hardly find a place in Russia with such an impressive number of implemented national projects as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Our most focused “development points” have been determined in industry, power engineering and energy, research and education. Siberian Federal University, as a response to regional developmental challenges, was established in 2006 to train highly qualified specialists capable of working in any region of our country, including severe conditions of … [+] the Northern areas. The University was founded by merging 5 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Among the members of the University Board of Trustees there are representatives of large companies, politicians and scientists. The Chairman of the Board is Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia. Mission The mission of the University is to create an advanced education, research and innovation infrastructure and to promote new knowledge and technologies to meet global challenges. We contribute to the comprehensive maintenance of rational use of unique territories rich in renewable resources, this maintenance is to combine balanced approach to the application of ecological and energy-efficient technologies of natural resources management in the context of maximum environmental protection; creating of advanced educational research and innovation infrastructure; new knowledge and technologies advancement; creation of high value added production to facilitate the solving of crucial economics tasks. SibFU in figures 19 schools and 3 regional branches. Over 32,000 students (half of whom come from all over Russia, including 380 overseas students). Over 700 post-graduate students. 7 860 employees, 3 450 teachers, 420 Professors and Doctors . 151 study programs (Bachelor & Master). 121 doctoral programs in 18 fields of study. 29 on-campus dormitories. 7 400 million RUR University profit in 2014. About 50 sports clubs in over 31 kinds of sport. About 100 creative and artistic student clubs. 70% of graduates get employed in the field of their major. In 2015 our University became a part of the Russian Academic Excellence project which is supposed to enhance the international competitiveness of the Russian universities among the world’s leading research and education centers. The project involves 21 universities now. Overall, the expected result of the Project 5-100 by the year 2020 is the entry of at least five Russian universities in the first hundred of the global education rankings. Positions in the rankings In the ranking of Russian universities held by the "Expert RA" ranking agency in 2015 SibFU was put on 14th position, rising at one point in comparison with the year 2014. According to the "Expert RA" ranking agency the SibFU ranks 6th among the best Russian universities in demand for the graduates. The National ranking of universities according to "Interfax" and "Echo of Moscow" for 2015 the SibFU shared 16-17th place with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. In the Vladimir Potanin Foundation ranking of Russian universities, evaluating the participation of students and tutors in the educational projects of the Foundation, the SibFU is placed 17th in 2014 (25th in 2013). In 2014 SibFU got 3 out of 5 stars in the QS-Stars ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds company. In the Webometrics ranking of 2015 SibFU takes 10th place among all the Russian universities. Campus The university campus in Krasnoyarsk includes 29 dormitories, 24 study buildings, a building accommodating the library and the university administration offices. A University Assembly Hall is to be put into operation in 2015. Krasnoyarsk has been nominated as the host city for the Winter Universiade in 2019. The Universiade Village will be located at the University campus which is favourably close to the main winter sports venue Academy of Winter Spots. The Universiade infrastructure is partly in place, while the following facilities are yet to be built by 2018: a multifunctional sports centre; a first-aid medical centre for athletes; a complex of residence halls “Universitetsky” (three 18-storey buildings); a complex of residence halls “Perya” (“Feathers”) (four 17-storey buildings). Programs for international students (please also tag the language of instruction): Siberian Federal University offers for international students a wide range of Bachelor's degree programs. They are taught in Russian. Russian language preparatory courses are available at SibFU and they are combined with general disciplines (pre-university courses) included into Pre-University Programs, which prepare international students for direct entry into Siberian Federal University. Bachelor’s Programs • WHY SIBFU • BACHELOR • MASTER • SHORT & SUMMER COURSES • RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Siberian Federal University offers for international students a wide range of Bachelor's degree programs. They are taught in Russian. Russian language preparatory courses are available at SibFU and they are combined with general disciplines (pre-university courses) included into Pre-University Programs, which prepare international students for direct entry into Siberian Federal University. To apply for a chosen program students should satisfy the following eligibility criteria: • provide a Certificate of Completed Secondary Education • pass entry tests established by the University • prove a good command of Russian by certificate or other document (apply to The Centre for International Education and Certified Testing for a certificate if you do not have it, the Russian language preparatory courses are available). Academic year begins at the 1st of October. International students study together with Russian students. The duration of study in Bachelor-degree programs varies depending on a program, for more information see the table below. ram Title Duration Tuition Fee (per year)Admission Master’s Programs at SibFU • WHY SIBFU • BACHELOR • MASTER • SHORT & SUMMER COURSES • RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Siberian Federal University offers a wide range of Master’s Level programs: • Master’s Degree Programs in English; • Specialized English-Taught International Semester Programs of Master’s Level; • Master’s Degree Programs in English and in Russian; • Double Degree Master’s Program. Our Master’s Degree Programs are mostly focused on research activities. Teaching staff on the programs are represented by researchers with wide international networks that provide a strong link between research and teaching. Master’s degree programs consist of a number of compulsory courses, elective courses and a research work on the topic of students’ interests that ends up with writing a thesis. The master’s thesis project is performed either in a research group at the department under the supervision of one of the academic staff members or externally. For example, in a company, at another research institution, laboratory or another university. A defense of the master’s thesis is held in the form of a public presentation and scientific debates. Our strongly research-based Master’s degree programs give our graduates a solid background (in-depth knowledge, tools and competencies) for further development to compete on the job market. Studying science at the advanced level gives students the ability of an excellent preparation for a future research to earn a PhD SibFU degree. Academic year begins on October 1st The Master’s degree holder can continue studying to earn a PhD SibFU degree. Admissions International students can be admitted either via personal contact or under exchange agreements with partner universities. To establish an individual contact: Step 1: Choose a Program Please, refer to the section "Education for International Students" (see Bachelor’s Programs, Master’s Programs, PhD's Programs,Russian Language Preparation Programs) and the web pages of a university schools to find out the information about the institute study programmes available for international students, their tuition cost and the cost of accomodation (in many cases, the university may not be able to provide you with housing). Having found a degree programme/course that satisfies you please take Step 2 of this instruction. If you cannot find necessary information or you need more information about the programme/course of your choice please address your queries to the Department of International Educational Programs. Step 2: Submit Application Form FILL IN ONLINE APPLICATION FORM To your application form you should attach a copy of EVERY PAGE (including empty pages) of your international passport. The passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the prospective starting date of your studies. It is your responsibility to find out if your request and documents have been received by the institute and are eligible for processing. Step 3: Agreement, Payment, Invitation Letter and Visa After receiving your application form the International Department will send you the Learning Agreement with terms and conditions. Please, sign it and email its scanned copy back to the International Department at On the basis of your signed Contract the Financial office will bill you for the cost of your tuition (for a semester in case you take a year-long course/programme). After receiving the confirmation of payment the department will apply for an invitation letter for you. The Invitation Letter necessary for you to receive the Russian visa will be issued by the Krasnoyarsk Visa and Immigration Office within 30-45 days (official processing time). (The Visa and Migration office charges the University for 500RUR for issuing an invitation letter. This sum should be refunded to the International Department upon arrival to the University.) You will receive the notification that the document is ready from the International Department, Siberian Federal University, and may either collect it in person or appoint somebody with your Power of Attorney to collect it for you. In this case, they will be asked to bring the Power of Attorney Letter (it may be faxed or scanned) certifying that they may act on your behalf. Otherwise, you may prefer to receive it by express mail in which case it is your responsibility to pay the postage fees. Meanwhile, find out from your nearest Russian Embassy what documents you need to supply with your visa application. It is recommended that you start preparing your documents well in advance as it may be a lengthy process. Depending upon the country in which you live travel arrangements can take several months. It is important that you receive your visa at the Embassy closest to the place where you permanently live. Step 4: Arrival at Krasnoyarsk, Registration On your arrival at Krasnoyarsk, go to the International Department (see also How to get to SibFU). We will contact the department / institute you would like to study at and do the necessary enrollment paperwork. Please, bring all the necessary documents (see below), including the original of your previous educational certificates (legalized by the Consulate of the Russian Federation or APOSTELE) and two legally notarized copies with the translation into Russian to meet the requirements of your programme. The International Department will assist you in applying for the Academic Equivalency Certificate which is mandatory for enrollment to the university (this can be done during the pre-university preparatory course or the first year of your programme). Please be prepared to take admission tests in the area you would like to study, which, in some cases, can be substituted by an interview. It is mandatory that you register with the International Department, Siberian Federal University within 3 days after your arrival in Krasnoyarsk. It is important to remember that we will register you with the Office of International Affairs only if your Invitation Letter has been issued on behalf of Siberian Federal University. Business visa or any other visa is not suitable for this purpose. Registering with a university is a normal procedure and we can give you the information about how to do this when you arrive here. In order to help you with registering the International Department will ask you to provide: • your passport • your visa and immigration card • original of your previous educational certificates (legalized by the Consulate of the Russian Federation or APOSTELE) and two legally notarized copies with the translation into Russian • a Russian proficiency test score (apply to The Centre for International Education and Certified Testing for a certificate if you do not have it, the Russian language preparatory course is available) • a medical certificate with standard blood tests (including HIV) • 12 recent photographs of yourself, 4 cm x 3 cm in size • medical insurance (apply to the International Office if you do not have it) [-]

Minin University

Russia Nizhny Novgorod September 2018

Университет Нижегородский государственный педагогический университет имени Козьмы Минина (Мининский университет) — вуз с богатыми традициями: учительский институт был основан в нашем городе в 1911 году, три четверти учителей в Нижегородской области — наши выпускники. Кроме того, среди наших студентов — психологи и лингвисты, инженеры и управленцы, художники и дизайнеры. Сегодня Мининский университет активно развивается, чтобы соответствовать современным требованиям и образовательным станда… [+] ртам, удовлетворять потребности личности в непрерывном обучении, отвечать актуальным задачам общественного и государственного развития. Мы реализуем амбициозные проекты: построение комплексной системы гарантий качества образования, открытие новых направлений и программ подготовки, информатизация деятельности вуза. Расширяется международное сотрудничество: в настоящее время в университете учатся студенты из 27 стран мира. Совместно с другими образовательными учреждениями и научными центрами, общественными организациями и органами управления мы активно участвуем в научно-исследовательской деятельности (прежде всего, в области педагогики, управления образованием, прикладной психологии, философии), стремимся быть центром воспитания гражданского самосознания и генерации социальных инициатив. Мы прилагаем все усилия для того, чтобы совершенствовать региональную и национальную систему образования, стать элементом международного образовательного процесса, подготовить педагога нового типа, понимающего себя и общество, личность, способную обеспечить развитие человека в течение всей жизни. [-]

Moscow International Higher Business School - MIRBIS

Russia Moscow September 2018

MIRBIS was founded in 1988 in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between Italy and the USSR, at the initiative of prof. Vladimir Groshev, Rector of the Plekhanov Institute of National Economy (now Russian Economics University) and the then President of Economic research Society NOMISMA professor Romano Prodi, later – Prime-Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission. Since the establishment of the Moscow International Higher Business School M… [+] IRBIS in 1988 over 34 thousand students graduated from executive and management development courses, BA, MA and MBA degree programmes and professional training courses offered by MIRBIS. In 2004 MIRBIS became the first non-state independent Business School in Russia that was accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). AMBA extended international accreditation to all MIRBIS MBA programmes. Since 2006 MIRBIS has been the only business school which has international accreditations for all its academic programmes – on top of the MBA, its Bachelor degree courses are accredited by the efmd EPAS, and Master degrees have the accreditation of the AMBA PEMM. MIRBIS is a multifunctional research and educational complex, which incorporates the Institute and the International Graduate Business School. MIRBIS provides study programmes for all levels of continuous professional education and development in economics and management: from Pre-bachelor course, Young Entrepreneurs School, Bachelor programmes, to Master and PhD courses, MBA and DBA. All the delivered programmes are based on deep integration of research, education and business. [-]

Morgan International

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Introduction In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training. There is a world of choices when it comes to professional training and each one can open new doors. Morgan International has been offering customized professional training solutions t… [+] o professionals and businesses that want to succeed since 1995. As the first professional training institution in the Middle East and with over 21 years of experience training 70,000+ professionals worldwide, Morgan provides a personalized approach and quality learning to help meet your career goals. We offer professional certifications, diplomas, foundational certificates, technical and soft skills workshops catering to the needs of the finance, accountancy, human resources, marketing and logistics fields. All the great reasons to choose Morgan as your preferred training provider: Expert Experience & Advice: Morgan’s 21 years of experience means candidates receive only quality training from experts who’ve mastered the most effective routes to success Networking opportunities with over 70,000 alumni across the globe Vast Global Reach: Offices in 37 locations across the world gives candidates great flexibility to transfer country mid-studies and have access to unlimited support and guidance from across four continents Certified and Experienced Instructors Morgan fully supports its candidates by offering help and guidance from beginning to end Diverse & Flexible Learning Options: Morgan’s choice of live classes, self study, online videos, tutoring and review sessions means candidates can fit their learning to their lifestyle, needs and ability. The Morgan Promise: We believe in you! And we know you can succeed. In fact, we’re so sure, we created The Morgan Promise, offering free tuition for a repeat course if you complete the program but don’t pass your exam. Landing your dream job just got easier! As a Morgan Alumni, you will get free access to join Morgan Connect, our online platform designed to connect you with high-profile businesses looking to recruit talented and certified professionals just like you. [-]

Baltic Humanitarian Institute

Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Baltic Humanitarian Institute (BGI) - A modern educational institution, implements the highest quality programs, postgraduate and additional professional education. institution status confirmed by the license of the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science. The presence of state accreditation allows the institution to issue state diplomas to graduates. Baltic Humanitarian Institute (BGI) - is a private educational institution that, corresponding state… [+] educational standards, Trains specialists in the field of higher first, second, postgraduate, as well as additional professional education. Departments of the Institute: Faculty of Economics and Management; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Psychology; Second degree; Faculty of additional education. the principal task BGI is a competitive issue, professionally competent professionals who possess excellent level of practical and scientific knowledge. To achieve this goal, the maximum Institute improved for the benefit of their students. BGI Institute trains specialists in such fields as economy, municipal and public administration and management. The institute works highly qualified teaching staff and practitioners, Which allows us to guarantee high quality training. At the moment, the Baltic Institute of Humanities in St. Petersburg has developed material and technical base, which allows you to deal with all students' learning issues at the present level, a special computer classes and other specially equipped classrooms and a library, which contains the latest textbooks, and scientific journals. The institute competitions every year, as well as conferences that enable students to develop and improve their knowledge and skills. Another feature of BGI is the availability of pre-university training and further education, which includes: courses for professional development, training, preparation for the exam, especially the exam and exam courses. Due to such characteristics of the institution of higher education, an applicant or student will be much easier to pass the state exam and test yourself and your strength in the chosen direction. Institute BGI develops all the time, opening up new prestigious specialty that allows you to develop cooperation with Western partners on a higher level. This enables graduates to BGI practical training abroad and receive international certificate, which will be in demand in the labor market specialist. Education in the Baltic Humanitarian Institute At BGI, the following forms of education: day; part-time; correspondence; the possibility of training for the individual curriculum. Due to this diversity of forms of training in the Baltic Humanitarian Institute, everyone can choose the one that suits him best, as well as to combine study and work, if necessary. Students who do not speak the Russian language, to enroll in courses / programs will be granted a one-year introductory course of Russian language. Students who do not speak Russian will be provided with a one year introductory course in the Russian language prior to enrolling in the degree courses / programs. [-]

Volgograd State Technical University

Russia Volgograd September 2018

VOLGOGRAD STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY from an industry specific institute – to the research and educational centre VSTU is the leading regional University, which ranks among the best institutions in the amount of qualified specialists of Volgograd region, the South of russia and some foreign countries. University obtains a well-developed infrastructure, ensures high professional level and in uences forming of social qualities of students for their successful integration i… [+] n the international economy. According to the strategy of University there was founded a research and education industrial complex (cluster) focused on training of well-qualified specialists for high-tech sectors of economy. MISSION Volgograd State Technical University is a non-profit-making organization created to attain educational, scientific, social, cultural, and managerial aims, to satisfy citizens’ spiritual and other demands in education, as well as various aims of achieving public goods. VSTU AIMS AND OBJECTIVES ● Meeting individual needs for intelligence, cultural and moral development by means of receiving higher and postgraduate vocational education, as well as further vocational education. ● Filling the society and state needs for skilled professionals with higher education, for highly quali ed academic and teaching staff. ● Developing science and arts by means of scientific research and creative activity of the academic staff and students, application of the results achieved in the educational process. ● Training and professional development of faculty members, academic staff, executives and specialists. ● Preserving and enriching moral, cultural, and scientific society values. ● Patriotic education, promoting love and respect of the nation, national traditions and cultural heritage of Russia, careful attitude towards university reputation. ● Forming citizenship of students, capacity to work and live under modern civilization and democracy. ● Acculturation. VSTU STRUCTURE The University consists of 3 affiliates, 3 representative offices, postgraduate and doctoral training programmes, departments that carry out educational, scientific, research, or creative activity, structural divisions of further vocational education, extra-curricular and pedagogical work, preparatory courses, a scientific and technical library, a publishing office, editorial offices of journals and mass-circulation newspaper, other training, scientific, information analysis units, as well as divisions involved in methodological, financial and economic, production activities. Besides, VSTU comprises production and social infrastructure facilities. Currently, VSTU carries out educational activity as follows: 7 faculties of full-time tuition; 4 faculties of extramural and evening tuition; faculty for international students; departments providing additional education services (preparatory training faculty for applicants and institute for retraining and advanced training of executives and specialists). We pay great attention to fundamental and applied research and to the development of priority areas of science, technology and technological progress, as well as to the output of science-driven products. VSTU has a dynamically developing school of metallurgists, chemists, mechanical engineers, material engineers, welders, instrumentation engineers, as well as high-level developing science, highly-qualified specialists training. Focus on research determines further innovative development of VSTU. Transformations in the sphere of higher education of the Russian Federation were affected and realized in VSTU as a multilevel system of educational programs, modern forms of academic activity organization, quality control, adequate material and technical support. Favorable social environment has been created in a large team of employees and students. Most of them share cultural and ethical values, keep and develop tradition of polytechnic school. Development of international cooperation and internationalization of University is one of the most important instruments of strategy implementation of VSTU. University has been training specialists for foreign countries for 50 years. Since 1962, there has been held training of highly-qualified specialists for countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America. During this time, over 5000 foreign students from 72 countries around the world have been taught russian language for further study at other Russian universities. 1650 students of them have got a diploma of our University and 64 got a PhD degree. The amount of foreign students has increased over the last 5 years and today there are 500 foreign students who study at University every year. VSTU also offers wide range of Master’s degree programs and PhD programs for international students, who defense their PhD theses. Training in russian language of international students requires from them some special pre-university education. For this purpose the Faculty for Foreign Students Training was founded in University in 1973. It provides international students for further study at universities of Russia on the following specialties: economy, engineering and humanities. Students of this faculty obtain the following disciplines depending on their specialisations: Engineering – Russian language, physics, mathematics, chemistry, information science, regional geography, technical drawing; Economic - russian language, mathematics, information science, country studies, economics, geography; Humanities - russian language, literature, cultural studies, country studies, geography. Period of studies – 1 year. During the study at the Faculty for Foreign Students Training students learn Russian culture, take part in the life of University and the city, visit museums and have an opportunity to show their creativity. International students who have undertaken the language training can continue their studies on Bachelors’ programs which are real- ized at our University. The training is being held by highly skilled teachers, specialists and scientists during 8 semesters. The course of studies is divided into cycles: Mathematics and sciences Profession (within it the specified training in accordance with the future activities is being organized) Humanities, sociology and economics Students, who obtain Bachelor’s degree and have undertaken the language training can go in for the Master’s programs which last 4 semesters. [-]

The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT)

Russia St. Petersburg September 2018

Founded in 1930 the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University for Telecommunications (SPb-SUT) has 85 year experience in training highly-qualified specialists for telecommunication industry. The University now comprises 9 faculties with 10,000 students pursuing over 20 academic programs. The BSc programs in Information Security, Info-communication technologies and telecommunication systems as well as the MSc degree programs in Intelligent info-communication Systems,… [+] Information Security and Electronic Business are taught in English. Our tuition is closely linked with real economy enterprises. Leading Russian telecommunication companies such as Rostelecom and RTRS – Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network – have their authorized departments in our University to train specialists very closely to the actual companies needs. SPbSUT closely cooperates with world leading telecommunication companies Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Iskratel, Italtel, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nokia-Siemens, Oracle, RAD, Samsung Electronics, Sony-Ericsson, Sun Microsystems, T-Systems, Tele-2 and others. Research and development spheres are also within the scope of our common activity. Both University students and teaching staff benefit from several ultra-modern academic buildings, state-of-the-art experimental zones, conference rooms, the gym, the Science and Technology Library, students’ halls of residences and recreation facilities. Multimedia classrooms provide a way to deliver lectures in electronic format. Thus students may have access to them from anywhere in the world that gives fundamentally new opportunities for distance learning. For more than 50 years the University is a multinational, uniting and mediating community. Being a telecommunication university we embody people’s ambitions for creating reliable ties with the world and developing them in a diverse variety of participants. After 50 years the University remains committed to teaching students from over 60 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The academic staff from partner universities as well as eminent businessmen from Austria, UK, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, USA, Finland, Sweden and other countries deliver lectures on challenging issues in the sphere of telecommunications and intercultural exchange. The University is widely involved in the Master’s Dual Degree international student exchange program associating with Deutsche Telekom Hochschule fur Telekommunikation (Leipzig, Germany) and French public grande école (engineering school) Telecom Lille 1 (Lille, France). Currently we have over 70 partner agreements and feel positive to conclude even more. Our University offers course of russian language for foreign students. Upon its completion students receive Russian Language Test Certificate allowing them to pursue their studies at any SPbSUT department on a chosen degree program. We support our students in their studies and daily life. The SPbSUT International Office can advise you both on academic matters and social life issues. All international students are provided with accommodation. The students’ life is full of events. If you come to St. Petersburg from far away, our International Students Council will help you get accustomed to the multinational culture of the city and give you a good guidance along all your study in the University. Every year the University hosts a number of special events like the following – International Cultures Festival of arts, sports and benevolence, International Friendship Day, International Sports Contest for Telecommunications Students «Sport Communication», «World’s TOP-10» International Students’ Academic Progress Contest and many others. We are very proud of our talented and dedicated alumni. Many University graduates have become world renowned scientists, business leaders, prominent public figures and politicians now working across the globe. Current ITU General Secretary Dr. Hamadoun Touré, is our graduate as well; the University is especially proud of him. Many telecom CEOs are also among our prestigious graduates. SPbSUT is best connected to the future! [-]