Astrakhan State University and Clark University in Russia


Welcome to Astrakhan State University! Astrakhan State University (ASU) is one of the largest universities in the South of Russia. The mission of the Astrakhan State University (ASU) is training specialists and researchers in a wide range of disciplines. The university is also active in exporting its educational services and sharing new technologies, developed at ASU, with industry and business communities. ASU is a global university, which is proud of its strong collaboration with numerous institutions of higher education in Russia and abroad, including Germany, USA, China and many other countries. As a global university ASU is actively engaged in international collaboration. ASU has partners in Finland, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, China, Iran, Egypt, United States, Uzbekistan, and other countries. Together with its international partners, ASU carries out the following programs: • short-term language courses • educational student exchanges • joint research and educational innovation projects • joint courses for students training • international conferences ASU successfully implemented a new Master of Science (MS) program, which offers its students a “double diploma” option. The students participating in this program receive a degree (diploma) from ASU and from one of its international partners. The partner institutions participating in this program include the Université de Nice Sophia - Antipolis, France and the Clark University, Massachusetts, USA. ASU has been chosen by the Harvard University, the USA for its pilot program for organizing an educational program in Russia in the field of international competitiveness. Nowadays, Astrakhan is a large industrial and cultural center in the delta of the Volga, a place where this great river flows into the Caspian Sea. It is a popular destination for the Russian and foreign tourists. The local beaches, fishing, and hunting as well as famous Astrakhan tomatoes and watermelons (considered the best in the world) attract thousands every year. Other the must-see things include the Astrakhan Natural Reserve with myriads of various birds, bountiful fields of the blossoming lotus flowers, architecture and authentic views of the streets of old Astrakhan’s city center and white-stone Astrakhan Kremlin. Nowadays one of ASU’s first-priority educational projects is to implement international Master’s programs. Since 2007, an agreement on joint Master’s programs between Clark University (USA, Massachusetts) and Astrakhan State University(Astrakhan, Russia) has been in force. Following the signed agreement, three joint Master’s programs are currently being implemented at Astrakhan State University:

  • Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.);
  • Master of Information Technology (M.S.I.T.);
  • Master of Science in Professional Communication (M.S.P.C.) Concentrations:
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Communication

English Language

Upon the completion of the programs, graduates are granted two diplomas at once: an American Master’s diploma and a diploma of the Russian standard. All the disciplines are taught in English. During the 4th and the 5th terms, the students can study right at Clark University in the United States; they may get an internship in American companies. Up-to-date teaching technologies are used while teaching students: the case method, online lectures, training and business games, and the Capstone - a practice-oriented final project. American specialists are actively attracted to teach our students. A flexible schedule of classes (in the evening, 3-4 times a week). Students are admitted to the program twice a year (in January and in September).

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