Regent Business School (RBS) was established to satisfy the increasing demand for management education in Southern Africa. RBS is registered as a private higher education institution by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa. In addition, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) has accredited RBS ‘programmes including its flagship Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA). RBS also has various other recognitions from various institutions. RBS offers a range of accredited programmes from higher certificate to the postgraduate qualifications. The RBS distance and supported learning programmes provide a professional educational qualification that will equip the graduate with the practical business knowledge to enable success in the highly competitive and global work environment. RBS is mindful of the need for its programmes to reflect leading international business practice. Study and support material include case study simulation of real business situations specifically designed to reflect cutting-edge developments in the work situation and their impact on business practice.

RBS is strongly committed to developing business and entrepreneurial skills in Southern Africa while ensuring our students a competitive edge in a rapidly changing business environment.

Why choose REGENT Business School (RBS)

RBS has developed a series of programmes that are designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. RBS’s expertise has evolved through continuous research and development undertaken in delivering a range of local and international business and management education programmes.

As a specialised education and training provider of management related learning programmes, RBS has the capacity, systems and resources to deliver courses with the flexibility of onsite, offsite as well as web-based teaching and learning. It is well known that successful companies make deliberate efforts to ensure that training of staff does not compromise production and business time. RBS delivers courses that are flexible and supported by a range of support facilities i.e. telephone support, face to face lectures, online and web support and virtual classrooms. This places organisations at the forefront of competitiveness having their staff trained and uplifted whilst still maintaining optimal productivity.

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Islamic banking and finance is the fastest growing sector in the Financial Services Industry, recording ... [+]

Why A Programme In Islamic Finance And Law?

Islamic banking and finance is the fastest growing sector in the Financial Services Industry, recording annual growth rates in excess of 15%. In South Africa initiatives to facilitate Islamic Banking and Finance have been put in place. Tax laws have been amended with a view to attracting petrodollars from the Middle East countries. South Africa can be the hub of Islamic Banking in Africa. In addition, there is increased interest in Islamic Banking and Finance in Africa and Islamic Law forms the basis of this. A programme in Islamic Finance and Law will contribute to human capital development in this field.

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