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GRUPO IOE has 5 prestigious Spanish and Latin American companies dedicated to the training of managers and other people.

In total we give bonus training to about 3,500 companies , in addition to other people, among which multinationals are known, being Grupo IOE leaders in Spain , for the total number of companies that receive our services.

Our job is to do subsidized training adapted to the needs of our client, so in addition to having about 400 teachers and training as diverse as practice adapted to the demand, we work with a team of about 50 professionals dedicated to the development of new training topics and qualifications, and above all adapting the right training to what you need.

The values that stand out of our organization are humility and discipline , we listen to you very carefully, your case, your need for training, it is very special for us, see you soon.


  • The commitment and loyalty with the company and with the client.
  • Continuous improvement of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Improvement of professionalism based on continuous learning.
  • Professional initiative and resolution capacity. Innovation
  • Integrity, responsibility and trust in them, based on open, honest and clear communication.
  • All this with respect, tolerance and understanding.
  • Construction of a company and its team based on positive attitude, improvement of the work environment and human quality.
  • The work and the value of the Effort and the importance of the Conciliation of this one with the personal life.
  • The collaboration between colleagues, the professional team.
  • With humility, guarantee of future forged in the discipline.


The fundamental purpose of Iniciativas de Empresa is the transmission of knowledge, skills and attitudes through training programs for workers and companies in Spain.

All this in order to the expectations of our customers, some of the best companies in Spain, and the professional development of the people that make up the staff of Grupo IOE.


The projection of our future image is to be a great ally of companies, students, and workers, in the mission that they obtain a good training for employment, so that our customers get the best performance in the form of improvement of its competitiveness.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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