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CIS – The College for International Studies is an American University based on fundamental principles, which was founded in 1981. CIS is located in one of the nicest areas of Madrid, Salamanca neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid. It is easily accessible and very safe for our foreign students. As an alternative to the Spanish Education System, we use the American system, which is completely distinct and much more accessible to the student. CIS – Is a University, but also a large family, in which the students feel comfortable as they are guided in the moment of making important academic decisions.

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American System Advantages

The American Higher Education System is a model which many higher education institutions are using as a reference for their reforms. The best and most prestigious universities in the world are following them. These are the principal advantages of the American System:

  • We lower the risk of failure. Our students do not have to choose their degree path upon entrance into the University. They can choose from core courses within the area of study of their choice during the first two years and based on their interests decide on their degree starting in the third year.
  • It is very easy to change degrees as many of the courses fulfill requirements for multiple degrees.
  • You can also change university within the network of American Universities because they have the same credit system.
  • The student organizes and designs their own course schedule.
  • It is based on practice more than theory. It is more important that the student understands and retains the concept rather than memorizing and later forgetting.
  • There are weekly assignments, so studying is done every day instead of only at the end of the term. These study skills will serve them later in other facets of life.
  • Continuous evaluation favors consistency as a study and work method.
  • The student is motivated by having many short-term goals and by being responsible for their own study schedule.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish


In 1995, The College for International Studies and Endicott College entered into an affiliation agreement whereby CIS students who are enrolled in Endicott College academic programs receive Endicott College Credit which can be transferred to any US university. Endicott College (Massachusetts, USA) is accredited by the New English Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

CIS is authorized by the Community of Madrid as a foreign university program in Spain (B.O.C.M. April 6th, 1998).

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