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In the last 35 years, international trade has grown by almost 1000%. Globalization of trade needs globalization of law.

Yet today’s legal profession is still almost entirely restricted to domestic law. What we need is a new generation of lawyers focusing on international and cross-border matters.

Our Vision

SiLS` vision is to adapt legal education to globalization and bring people together from all over the world to meet the challenges of international legal practice.

The SiLS Foundation

The Swiss International Law School is a charitable foundation under Swiss law based in Basel, Switzerland.

Its purpose is to facilitate worldwide teaching and learning of comparative commercial law and dispute resolution.


We are fascinated by globalization and many members of our teaching team are leading experts and practitioners in international commercial law and arbitration.


At Swiss International Law School we teach law on a truly comparative and intercultural basis. Our outcomes-based teaching approach allows you to immediately implement and practice your knowledge.


The SiLS distance learning LL.M. and Moot Academy are completely web-based and offer you a flexible learning environment which is accessible from all over the world.

The SiLS Approach

Swiss International Law School offers the best of two worlds: the impeccable quality of traditional university education and the fruits of recent cutting-edge advancement in the field of e-learning. This unique combination gives students the best preparation available for their future careers, paired with a maximum of flexibility in learning.

International and Intercultural Exchange

The SiLS programs strive to be accessible to students from all over the world by offering all courses entirely web-based. In its programs SiLS makes use of a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment. Students receive access to video lectures, course books, tasks and assessments as well as lectures and discussion boards.

Shaping the Global Lawyer

The SiLS LL.M. program is based on an outcomes-based higher education model. The aim of the program is precisely not to simply transfer general and abstract knowledge, but rather to train the core skills and competences required of a “global lawyer”.

Therefore, each module engages students in supervised group projects and online activities in groups of mixed cultural and legal background, which complements individual study. Group activities are undertaken in small classes between a maximum of 16-20 students, guided by two experienced course leaders. Intended learning outcomes, assessment tasks, and assessment criteria are transparently communicated in detailed students’ and module handbooks. Students’ performance is assessed by both formative feedback and formal, summative assessment according to transparent assessment criteria.

Quality Management

Quality at Swiss International Law School is the combined result of all staff sharing a common vision and supporting a lived quality culture at the school. This is put into practice by

  • carefully aligning the aims of the SiLS program with teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks,
  • effectively and transparently communicating the course aims, intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, as well as detailed criteria for assessment to the participants, and
  • most notably, by focusing on students’ interest to be fully prepared for the workplace as confident, and effective professionals, and able to live up to the expectations of their prospective clients, peers, and colleagues by the end of this course.
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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SiLS / Bond LL.M. Dual Award Program

Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time February 2018 Australia Gold Coast Switzerland Switzerland Online Basel + 3 more

SiLS and Bond University, Gold Coast/Australia are offering a Dual Award Program by considering that SiLS and Bond LL.M. are broadly equivalent. [+]

What is the SiLS/Bond LL.M. Dual Award Program about? SiLS and Bond University, Gold Coast/Australia are offering a Dual Award Program by considering that SiLS and Bond LL.M. are broadly equivalent. By successfully completing half of the respective Modules/Subjects required under each of the two LL.M. programs students will receive both LL.M. degrees. Where and how is the program taught? Whereas the SiLS LL.M. Modules are taught entirely online, the Bond LL.M. will be delivered in Australia at the Bond University Gold Coast Campus. Who is eligible for the program? Any student who is enrolled in the SiLS LL.M. can apply to enroll in the Bond LL.M. and vice versa. Because of Australian visa requirements, the SiLS Student must have completed at least two SiLS Modules before they commence the Bond LL.M. However, application to the Bond LL.M. may occur while still undertaking the SiLS Modules. The Bond Student need not have completed any Bond Subjects before they commence the SiLS LL.M., and Bond Subjects and SiLS Modules may be undertaken contemporaneously. How will the academic year and transition be organized? Whereas SiLS semesters commence in August and February, Bond semesters commence in January, May and September. SiLS students completing the necessary two SiLS Modules in December can usually commence the Bond LL.M. in May or later, and those completing in June can usually commence the Bond LL.M. in September or later. How is the tuition arrangement? Students will pay the relevant fees to the institution at which they undertake... [-]


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