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Mission Statement

The Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law resides on Indiana’s urban research and health sciences campus. As the only law school in our vibrant capital city, we are committed to accessibility, affordability, diversity, and excellence in public legal education.

The McKinney School of Law serves its students and society as a center of legal education and scholarly inquiry. Our students pursue a rigorous course of study immersed in an environment of public service and community engagement. By fostering a mature sense of integrity and an awareness of an ever-evolving legal profession, we empower students to succeed as citizens, professionals, and leaders.

International Recognition

The IU McKinney LL.M. Program was recently recognized by the International Jurist who named it on three of its prestigious LL.M. Program Award lists:

    • Career Opportunities (#1)
    • Best Law School Experience (#3)
    • Best Value (#4)

Statement of Educational Objectives

A McKinney graduate will be prepared to:

  • Build upon an existing base of legal knowledge and skills to succeed in the graduate’s chosen career path;
  • Exercise sound professional judgment and fulfill ethical responsibilities;
  • Exhibit a high degree of competence in legal analysis, reasoning, research, and writing;
  • Demonstrate acumen in oral communication in the legal context;
  • Serve as a leader or contributing team member in professional settings;
  • Transition readily to law practice or other government, non-profit, or private sector employment;
  • Leverage a network of professional relationships; and
  • Appreciate that excellence as a lawyer requires individual, life-long effort.

Why IU McKinney Law?

Making the decision about where you pursue a legal education will impact the rest of your life. At McKinney Law we think you will find the best possible mix of theoretical grounding and practical training, hard work and fun, in a challenging yet supportive environment.

We offer academic excellence and professional opportunity:

Fantastic Faculty: Professors at McKinney Law are experts in their fields of interest and are eager to help you master legal concepts and learn to “think like a lawyer.” Most have professional work experience in the law prior to teaching, so your course work will blend theoretical and practical knowledge of the law. Contact faculty to discuss your academic aspirations and career goals!

Rigorous and Innovative Curriculum: After you complete the bedrock of your legal education in your first year, there are a variety of upper level courses in popular areas, as well as 120 electives each year, including small seminars and cutting-edge topics. Check out all of our course offerings.

Experiential Learning: Learning by doing is a critical component of modern legal education. At IU McKinney, you will have ample opportunity to gain hands-on legal experience. We offer seven live-client clinics, moot court, law reviews, skills training, pro bono work, and a wide variety of externships and clerkships. See how you can put law into practice.

At the Center of It All: Our location in metropolitan Indianapolis—the heart of state government and business—enhances everything about the student experience. This is one of the safest, most eye-catching cities in the country. Sports, art, green spaces, museums, shopping and much more await you in the Circle City.

Supportive Atmosphere: Our friendly faculty and staff, not to mention our 10,000-plus alumni (meet some of them) who work world-wide in a variety of sectors and professions, want you to succeed and we will do our best to see that you do!

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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LL.M. in Six Specialties

Campus Full time August 2017 USA Indianapolis

We have found that students often enter the program unsure of which track is best for them, so you will be admitted into the LL.M. program and not a specific track of study. When you arrive for orientation, you will have the chance to talk with faculty, staff, and students about the LL.M. program and the different tracks, and then your academic advisor will help you to decide which track best fits your career goals and interests. [+]

The LL.M. degree is designed to deliver in-depth knowledge in a specific area, such as American Law for Foreign Lawyers Corporate and Commercial Law Health Law, Policy, and Bioethics Intellectual Property Law International and Comparative Law International Human Rights Law We have found that students often enter the program unsure of which track is best for them, so you will be admitted into the LL.M. program and not a specific track of study. When you arrive for orientation, you will have the chance to talk with faculty, staff, and students about the LL.M. program and the different tracks, and then your academic advisor will help you to decide which track best fits your career goals and interests. Program Tracks Although the LL.M. program at McKinney Law offers a structured format, it also gives you the flexibility to choose the electives and hands-on experiences best suited to your goals. When you arrive on campus you will be able to choose to pursue one of six program tracks, each designed to satisfy a specific set of needs. Then, within the framework of your chosen program, you can create a curriculum certain to set you on the path to success. LL.M. Courses Taught by Judges, Justices, and an Attorney General Our Master of Laws students come from around the world to study with the best our state has to offer Courses for the LL.M. program have recently been taught by: Justice Steven David, ’82, Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert D. Rucker, Indiana Supreme Court Judge John G. Baker, Indiana Court of Appeals (former Chief Judge) Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General The LL.M. program has several purposes: it gives currently practicing U.S. lawyers a place to hone their skills and deepen their knowledge base on a specific subject. it helps licensed lawyers from other countries get to know American law in preparation for passing the Bar in the United States. it provides a focused curriculum for legal scholars who are interested in advancing their knowledge in a specific area of law in order to prepare for the S.J.D./Ph.D. in law and an academic career. As an LL.M. student, you’ll complete a 24-credit program. If you attend on a full-time basis, you can complete your degree in a single year. Foreign students, note that to satisfy visa regulations, you must finish within eighteen months. However, if you are a domestic student, you have up to three academic years to complete the degree requirements, and can take classes on a part-time or evening basis. The LL.M. program includes: Area-specific coursework with a wide range of elective options Externships, clinical courses, or pro bono legal service and optional practical training (OPT) opportunities A research component and Master's thesis (optional for the American Law for Foreign Lawyers track) Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction (the law school will provide a 50% scholarship for these courses, if required) The opportunity to publish your thesis, if in a thesis track, on the ScholarWorks network at Indiana University. This network makes your research available to lawyers and legal scholars worldwide. Eligibility requirements for the LL.M. program To gain admission to the LL.M. program at the law school, you must demonstrate a combination of academic achievement, professional accomplishment, and English language competency (although work experience is not required). In addition, you must satisfy one of the following education requirements: Hold a J.D. from an ABA-accredited law school in the U.S. Hold a first degree in law or comparable from a university outside of the U.S. Prove that you are licensed to practice outside the U.S. (foreign applicants only) Language requirements for the LL.M. program If English is not your first language, you must provide proof of langauge proficiency by: Earning a composite iBT TOEFL score of at least 81, or a composite IELTS score of at least 6.5 Official transcript showing satisfactory completion of Level 7, Advanced & Academic English at the Program for Intensive English (PIE) at IUPUI Successfully completing Intensive English Master Level 112 at any ELS Language Center in the United States Earning a "First Grade" on the national Japanese English Proficiency STEP Exam Having earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a college or university in a country designated by the Office of International Affairs as predominantly English-speaking Qualifying language scores must be less than two years old at the time of application. Scholarships To demonstrate the law school's commitment to the LL.M. program and to make it more accessible for qualified students, we will provide scholarship assistance to you if you have a demonstrated financial need or outstanding academic/professional credentials. Detailed information on applying for scholarship assistance is included on our application. We also encourage you to seek out scholarship and grant opportunities through your government, employer, the U.S. government, and private foundations in the U.S. and abroad. Some suggestions are to research scholarships through the Fulbright Program, the Edmund S. Muskie / Freedom Support Act Graduate Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation, and Open Society Institute. The National Jurist just named us for three awards! Best Law School Experience Career Opportunities - our picture is featured here Best Value [-]


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