USC Gould is an elite law school committed to academic excellence. Our success is comprised of a world-class faculty, a close-knit and diverse student body, a well-situated campus, an interdisciplinary curriculum, and a supportive alumni network.

The faculty is nationally recognized for its scholarship in many fields, its interdisciplinary focus, public service and leadership in the profession. Our small class size and low professor-to-student ratio create an intimate and collegial learning environment.

Founded in 1900, USC Gould was Southern California's first law school. From the school's earliest days, we enrolled women and students of color. Today we maintain one of the nation's most diverse law student populations and enroll the most international students. This creates an environment that fosters a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

Our location in Los Angeles provides students with vast opportunities in one of the top legal markets and busiest courts in the nation. From Silicon Beach to downtown L.A., USC Gould offers access to clerkships, externships and career options with the law and business firms, public interest agencies, and entertainment, media and technology firms. The law school's location on USC's University Park Campus supports numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research among the multitude of renowned schools.

USC pioneered the concepts of interdisciplinary and clinical legal education. The first modern legal aid program grew out of a USC Gould clinic established in 1929. And, in 1965, we became one of the first schools to bring an interdisciplinary focus to the study of law. Today, our curriculum is infused with courses at the intersection of a variety of key disciplines, and we offer 15 dual-degree programs. Through our numerous clinics, practicums, and externships, students gain hands-on training in the practice of law, working with real clients.

The law school boasts a supportive and tight-knit alumni population of more than 10,000 professionals around the globe. The Trojan Family is a fiercely loyal and powerful network deeply committed to the success of USC graduates. Our alumni are partners in the world's largest law firms, head major international companies, and serve leadership roles in government and public service organizations. More than 500 USC Gould alumni have served as a state or federal judges.

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University of Southern California USC Gould School of Law

For individuals with a first degree in law from outside the U.S., gain a fundamental understanding of American law with our 1-Year LLM. Students may complete a certifica ... [+]

Master of Laws (LLM) Degree

Our Master of Laws (LLM) focuses on the U.S. legal system for internationally-educated lawyers. The full-time, one-year LLM provides you with foundational skills and knowledge that are immediately applicable to real-world legal practice.

The LLM is ideal for international:

attorneys judges government officials prosecutors corporate legal counsel bankers recent law graduates Why Choose the LLM Degree at USC Gould?

Recognized by LLM Guide as one of the "Top 10 LLM Programs in California," our LLM curriculum stimulates critical thinking and practical problem-solving in addition to providing you with a thorough grounding in American law.

When you join USC Gould, you will become part of a dynamic and diverse law school community, be nurtured by a world-class faculty and academic support, enroll in small and collegial classes, and join the global Trojan Family network.... [-]

USA South Los Angeles
September 2019
1 year
University of Southern California USC Gould School of Law

The Two-Year Extended Master of Laws (LLM) at USC Gould allows you to spend one year learning about the U.S. legal system and mastering legal English prior to enrolling i ... [+]

Two-Year Extended Master of Laws (LLM) Degree

The Two-Year Extended Master of Laws (LLM) at USC Gould allows you to spend one year learning foundational elements of the U.S. legal system and mastering legal English prior to one year of LLM studies.

During the first year, you will receive academic training in legal reading and comprehension, case briefing, legal analysis and more while improving your English skills. Small, personalized classes give you an opportunity to adjust to living in the U.S. and attending USC.

Upon successful completion of the first year, you will receive a certificate in U.S. Legal Studies and will be enrolled in USC Gould's LLM program.

Why Choose the Two-Year Extended LLM at USC Gould? ... [-]
USA South Los Angeles
September 2019
2 years