UOD The University of Dubai has been home to talented students and faculty drawn from around the world to teach, create, and study. We have achieved international distinction and accreditation in the academic areas we offer. aa The University of Dubai offers an extraordinary variety of business, law and IT programs. At the University of Dubai, we are committed to developing and educating leaders who will make a difference in the business world. The achievements of our alumni in different organizations and ranks of leadership are a reflection of this commitment. Central to our success is an outstanding faculty that instills a thorough understanding of business through its skilled, enthusiastic teaching, research and service. Our faculty members have made the classroom at the University of Dubai a place where learning is an intense and interactive engagement. The experience goes beyond merely providing skills, tools, or knowledge: it also imparts the critical thinking and judgment that is the basis for a lifetime of leadership in a challenging and rapidly-changing world.


To be a world-class institution in education, research, and innovation for the betterment and prosperity of the people in the region. Strategic Vision Dubai Business School to be ranked among the top 100 business schools worldwide by 2025, and UD to be ranked among top 100 universities before 2035.


Realizing our vision will require us to:

  • Serve the educational needs of diverse undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals.
  • Produce high caliber graduates.
  • Provide education based on international standards.
  • Provide a stimulating educational environment to prepare future leaders.
  • Engage faculty in pure and applied research focused mainly on the economic development of Middle East & Africa (MEA) Region.


UD is guided by the following core values:

  1. Ethical behavior in all aspects of life.
  2. Sound citizenship through personal, social and environmental responsibility.
  3. Respect for the opinions and beliefs of others.
  4. Equal opportunity for all men and women.
  5. Continuous improvement in teaching, learning, and research.
  6. Collective responsibility through teamwork.
  7. Maintaining a student-centric approach with a focus on quality.
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University of Dubai

The College of Laws offers an LLM with two double majors and also gives students the option to earn an LLM with dual concentrations by combining any two majors. ... [+]


The College of Laws offers an LLM with two double majors and also gives students the option to earn an LLM with dual concentrations by combining any two majors.

Why LLM at the University of Dubai? The UD LLM has been designed to prepare graduates for successful careers in both legal and non-legal organizations. The program will enhance critical thinking, increase oral and written communication skills as well as English language skills, improve decision-making in a rapidly-changing global environment, and reinforce the application of knowledge and skills in the area of problem-solving. The LLM program can be completed in 12 months. The instructional process will include a combination of classroom and moot court and contextualized real-world case-based learning to provide value-added hands-on experience and help students use their time effectively. The online learning portion of the curriculum will be enhanced using the MOODLE platform. The LLM has two unique concentrations in order to meet the need for professionals in these areas. Moreover, the program has been designed to permit the admission of students with an undergraduate degree from an accredited university who meet the necessary criteria. The UD LLM curriculum is of high quality and is integrated with an emphasis on applied learning. The LLM is delivered by well-qualified, practicing faculty members ... [-]
United Arab Emirates Dubai
September 2019
12 months